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  1. Default How do I max diligence?

    I dunno the exact method of maxing it because I don't really see a clear enough guide. I rarely used Professions before so I wouldn't really know. I heard the "Arrow Method" before but I'm not sure about it.

    How many crafts does it take and how much would it cost in total to get to 100 on diligence?

    Bonus question: Does diligence effect work on Clean Slates from events, 20% event scrolls or 40% event scrolls? I dunno what are considered "Special Scrolls" but does anybody have a list too?

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Well if you google "how to max diligence maple story" the second link tells you how do it along with the costs...

  3. Default How do I max diligence?



    No clue what that means. They don't work on chaoses. Only "traditional" scrolls that give stats.

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    Diligence doesn't work with Chaos, Pot Scrolls, and EEs.
    I had ~10% success rate during the Jett event with 10% CS so I don't think they work with Slates either.

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    It doesn't work on Clean Slates.

    Special Scrolls

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    Doesn't seem like 20% event scrolls are on the list. Are they confirmed to be special or not?

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    I've heard from others that pink scrolls (Both 20s and 50s) aren't affected by diligence either, but I don't see why they wouldn't. the yellow 20% scrolls should work with diligence though. When I was scrolling my 2handed sword I used a lucky day scroll and max diligence with 20%s and I had 7 scrolls work in a row, so I don't know. Just my experience, which means nothing I realize.

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    You'd have to ask @Locked about that, but my guess is it isn't a Special Scroll.

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    A special scroll is something with a side effect (discounting booming, they're "randomly increase or decrease stats", "return a slot", et al) or (presumably) those not in KMS, though now I'm starting to doubt that.

  10. Default How do I max diligence?

    I would put money to say they work on sengoku scrolls because they have the same effects as regular 20%s

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    I've seen posts from before MTS was removed of people saying they've had 10% higher success rate on 20% pinks. Haven't tested it myself so I don't know if that's really what's happening.

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    To answer the first question, the fastest way to max diligence is to repeatedly learn the smithing profession, level it to level 10 by crafting arrows, then un-learning it and repeating.
    Each time you level smithing to 10, you gain a total of 2555 diligence experience which is not subject to the usual daily limit of 500 for normal crafting.
    Total exp required to level 100 is 93596, so you would need to level smithing to level 10 a maximum of 37 times, but probably a bit less since you get the 500/day from crafting too.
    You will need to craft a total of around 140 to 160 bundles of arrows to reach smithing level 10. Each bundle requires 1 silver plate and uses 5 fatigue. Levelling fees total 920k, and you will need up to 27 'super moo' potions at 100k mesos each to eliminate the fatigue. So total cost to max smithing is around 3.3 to 3.5 million mesos, not including cost of silver plates. If you need to make the plates too, then that will cost around 1.1 million more (600k for ores, plus 5 more 'super moo' potions, plus a lot more time), for grand total of 4.4 to 4.6 million. (This would be reduced to around 4 million if you only did one run per day starting from zero fatigue.)
    For 35 runs maximizing smithing, cost would be around 160 million mesos. If you could stand 5 smith maxes per day, it would take a week.
    The altenative of sticking to the 500 limit per day for normal crafting, would take 6 months.

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    So my question remains, is it worth maxing diligence if we only use event scrolls in general?



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