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  1. Default Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    Hi everyone =) I'm not used to what nexon considers as "glitches" or stuff, but... (i hope this isn't a very stupid question or in the wrong area)

    The weekly wardrobe package can be purchased multiple times (as in "farm for charm"), is this a glitch that can get us banned? Or is this normal? o.o

    Thanks, and sorry for the bother n_nU

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    Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    I don't THINK it's a farm; it gives regular Maplers the ability to "buy NX" for a cheap price. I mean unless Nexon finds people getting charm a problem from this, they can always remove the charm gained from the equips.

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    Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    This has been asked repeatedly on Nexon's own forums, as well as here. The question has also supposedly been asked via unofficial channels by Tyler and Maryse (Nexon forum volunteer).
    Nobody from Nexon has replied.
    They might have been too busy with the hellbans to see the question, or they might still be making up their minds.

    I'd wait for official word.

  4. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    Ok, thanks to both of you! =)

    I didn't browsed the nexon forum for this because they were cluttered with hellban topics x_X Sorry.

    EDIT: Nevermind, i saw a big thread about this on the nexon forums. Just... i don't trust a lot of people there, either ._. But thanks for the information! =)
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  5. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    Seeing as you have to spend $300k mesos for each package and the only real benefit from this is lots of Charm, I highly doubt anyone is getting banned for buying lots of wardrobe packages.

  6. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    exploit is an exploit. If they decide it is one you are in trouble if you did it . If not then you are fine. I'd wait on nexon's official stance.

  7. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    I couldn't find the thread on the Nexon community forums anymore... and they haven't made an announcement -_- But i can't risk getting banned, even when a bunch of my friends have gotten level 30 charm D:

  8. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    There's a pretty low risk of Nexon doing anything about people farming these for charm. The risk is still there though and the reward isn't really worth the risk.

  9. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    How can this be an exploit if we are paying mesos and Nexon never stated that there's a spending limit?

  10. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    There is no stated limit on the site, or in the cs. No other cs item is limited to purchase, or few are, and they state such and/or are no longer available for you to view upon purchase.

    As this is the case, and they follow suit of every other CS item. It is not a punishable glitch. You people are just getting paranoid. Besides, there is no loss to Nexon for people farming charm in this fashion, as there are already plenty of free ways to farm charm on a daily basis. You're not breaking the rules of the game, nor is the item working in opposition to how it is stated to work.

    Not to mention, no one properly got banned for the Super Miracle cubes issue that came up during the 90% discount days. The only people that really got affected were people that purchased them, and didn't use them in attempt to save them. Those accounts got banned (to my knowledge), the rest were left alone, including many of my own. They actually lost potential profit during this.

    You can safely assume this is a meso sink. Unfortunately, it's not a very effective one, as these mesos are easily earned in game, without having to do much work at all. As well known as this side-effect is, and the multiple server maintenance's, if Nexon cared at all, it'd be fixed. If they decide they care later, it'll be fixed, and no one will likely be punished.

  11. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    It's Nexon, you never know lol

    If it was free no boom AEEs I would be farming it, but it's just charm.

  12. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    Found that image in this thread. Seems like it's okay to buy as many packages as you want.

  13. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    I don't know if this is related but the character I was farming on is now locked out of the CS. I disconnect every time I attempt to enter on an adventurer. All my other chars work fine.

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    Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    Might be that your CS storage is overfull.
    (I know, it looks like it's practically infinite, but who knows?)

  15. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    That's what I was thinking. The problem is things in the CS only expire once you enter the CS and click the notice. I'm worried this might be an issue for longer than 7 days.

  16. Default Re: Weekly Wardrobe Package "farm"?

    Seems like there's a cap. I'm getting 816 +/- 6, because I may have miscounted. That's 136 rows.

    When I attempt to buy anything else it says "You have too many Cash Items. Please clear Cash slot and try again."

    Guess I'm not partaking in any specials this week, .



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