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    Default Class Master Hats

    Just something random I did, this is actually based on a suggestion a long time ago. These hats are basically something you can get from Job Instructor at 200 after a (hard) questline. These would be adventurer-exclusive but other classes would probably have something similar (just to be fair), many of which would probably be just the hot time hats with better stats.

    These hats have no slots but have special "potential" just like Dojo Gloves. The hats are also "Joker Items" like the Root Abyss equips, meaning these hats will act as a legit piece of any set.

    As you can probably notice they are based off the headwear of their job instuctors.

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  2. Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Looks good but the stats are way to good imo.
    Maybe take out the 30% stats or make it 5%?

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Nice! Definitely wouldn't mind one of these instead of the useless level 200 medal.
    Quest? OK, cool. As long as it doesn't involve killing a boss you have to have 500% mainstat and 200% boss damage to beat.

    - The picture for the warrior cap in the "data extraction" shows the mage hat.
    - Thief data shows ": 30%" with no stat name. Should be LUK and DEX.

    5% is nothing. You want people to wear this instead of whatever hat they had before, which was quite probably cubed to at least 9% mainstat.
    Granted, these hats have the 10% total damage and 10% boss damage to offset that, but my feeling is that for someone very funded, 30% stat only gives a 5-10% damage boost anyway. And for someone not so funded, making it to 200 and passing the hard quest deserves a really big bonus.

    (Also remember this hat needs to remain relevant through Nexon's next few OP gear releases...)

  4. Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Those look really good, though as Death mentioned the stats would be more balanced if it was about 10%-15% main stat%, 5% seems too low for a special hat. You have Magic Attack listed for the Thief and Warrior hats by the way.

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Note that these cannot get potential, extra potential, enhancements, nebulites and cannot be scrolled. I tried to make these better than potential hats and you gotta go really OP to do that because as far as I know you can get over 30% stat with Legendary and all that bonus crap

    The biggest point in these hats is that you don't need to be a lucky ass scroller or spend a fortune on cubing to get an endgame cap.

  6. Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Looking through it again I'd suggest 15-20% main stat (Nix secondary, it hardly matters unless one has significant stats from other areas so it doesn't benefit unfunded people as much), 5% boss damage, 5% total damage and the other stats can stay. I do get what you mean, but since level 200 is no longer that difficult to achieve this seems to be overpowered for something that would be pretty easy to get, not to mention that even the best hat would hardly be as strong and that this is just as open to highly funded people as it is for the unfunded.

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    For the love of god, please fund this pomegranate.

    I also agree with @Death; though. 30% stat seems like a stretch. I'd think 15% would be realistic.

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Fine. Nerfed:

    %Stat Bonuses: 30%->20%
    Total Damage: 10%->5%
    Boss Damage: 10%->5%

    Secondary stat bonus is there simply because of Pirates. Corsairs use Dex as main stat while Buccaneers/Cannoneers use Str.

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    wow, these are really cool. ESPECIALLY the mage hat. It looks amazing. loving the pirate one too.
    Thief one looks slightly disappointing compared to the rest though, since it looks like a level 70 hat.

    Also I don't think it needs to be restricted to Adventurers though, since the 5 instructors would still probably considered one of the strongest of their kind. It makes sense for a Battle Mage for example to go see one of the strongest and wisest mages to become more powerful.

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Not really loving the appearance of the archer hat, but I really like the concept. I think this would be a great addition to maple

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Great work on the art. These hats would be a pretty great addition to any collectors inventory!

    If you ever get around to making level 200 hats for the other classes, I can't wait to see them!

  12. Default Re: Class Master Hats

    oh my this is lovely. i wish this was a thing now :C


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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    I second the archer hat, I say it should look more like an... archer hat. :P But that's just me being picky, I know you were going for what the instructors wore. Otherwise, I really love the looks of these, I would love this to be put in the game!

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    No really. I'd even pay NX for just a CS version of the mage hat.

  15. Default Re: Class Master Hats

    These need to be ingame. It's a nice twist, items with nice potential that can't be changed. Like Dojo gloves, but not expiring.

  16. Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Grendelllllllllll- -grabby hands-

    I seriously wish these were real, oh my goodness!

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    Default Re: Class Master Hats

    Shouldn't the thief one be called Dark Lord's gold identity? because that is exactly what he(ok his clone now) wears.



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