People at the MapleSEA forums have been trying to sort out these questions but with no avail so I thought I'd ask here.

1) Were the Monster Park 1.3x EXP coupons removed from the Box of Greed?

2) How does the specific boss item get allocated now? In this case, the person was arranging for a Czak service for his client but he was the only one able to see the helm both times; the client stayed outside and came in the first time and stayed throughout the entire battle for the second time. I had assumed that the criteria had something to do with damage but it doesn't seem to be a definite enough answer since a Bishop reported seeing the helm and it was a full-out attacking party this time with hard-hitting DBs.

3) I only know that attacks such as Dark Genesis do cut through Holy Magic Shell; does this apply to all %-based attacks or is it restricted only to some bosses?

As usual, thanks for the help!