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Thread: how2play?

  1. Default how2play?

    Hi, I used to go by the name of Enemy in this game a while back. Desum was another, Fbomb, Canada, Gauge, Later, the list goes on.

    Regardless, im bored and want to play again. Whats different.

    Shoutout to Mazz, I see hes still here.

  2. Default Re: how2play?

    If you don't edit it out you will be banned.

    Depends on when you quit as to what has changed.

  3. Default Re: how2play?

    I'd suggest editing that specific part out, since you can get banned on this site for that.

  4. Default Re: how2play?

    Fair enough, edited out :P

    I like this rule.

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    Default Re: how2play?

    i feel your stay in this place will be short



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