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    I got you when you were a few weeks old. I named you after a Sunny Day Real Estate song. You were adorable and had ears like a fox.

    You were very sick for the first couple of weeks but I spent all of my money to get you better. You survived and turned out to be a monstercat. You would beat your brother when he wouldn't put up with you trying to clean him all day. You purred like a goddamn weed-whacker.

    I'm going to miss you licking my face when I forget to shave. I'm going to miss you biting my feet when I settle into bed. I'm going to miss your nose on my neck when I'm reading.

    Maybe I don't believe in a heaven but I know you were my angel. Thank you so much for helping keep me sane through everything I've experienced throughout the years. I love you.


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    aw, so many feels man, so many feels. I've lost both a cat and a dog this year...

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    can I hug you again?

    I'm sorry. ;~;

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    Sorry to hear man :(

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    *Hugs forever*



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