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    Default Islander Communities?

    Recently, I've been trying out a bunch unique ways to play maplestory with @Mazz. We've been looking to participate in a bunch of niche communities; we've created Project Nostalgia, and recently downloaded jMS again and have been having fun there too.

    One such community I've yet to really explore is the Islanders. Is anyone aware/part of a large Islander community/ what server currently has the most prominent Maple Island community? I remember ages ago Khaini had a pretty established group.

    I'd like to create a character with whatever remains of these islander communities, so please let me know!


  2. Default Re: Islander Communities?

    I used to partake heavily in the islander community as they were pretty much intertwined with the beginner community.
    Sadly, along with the beginner community the islander population is starting to severely dwindle.
    You'd be hard pressed to find any active island groups.
    There's probably still some small pocket communities out there you may find, but I haven't even seen a single topic on islanders on basil in an extremely long time, where people would often ask which servers to look out for.

    I'll ask around a bit and get back to you.

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    You're looking for Scania. It has the largest Islander population, and by that I mean the only Islander community really.

    EDIT: Here's the Islander community graveyard:
    Boy, do I miss those times...

  4. Default Re: Islander Communities?

    I definitely remember some of the shenanigans that used to happen over there. And the drama. Lots of the drama.



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