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    Evidently the MS community has a high tolerance for incompetency. After years and years of constant screw-ups, money grubbing schemes, and unsatisfactory actions to the players, people still insist on handing over money to a company that has repeatedly proven that it does not deserve our continued support.

    I'd like to pose the question of just when is it enough? How much longer will we have to endure Nexon's failures at maintaining a satisfactory and enjoyable game?

    This is a company that's supposedly run by professional programmers, yet teenagers with rudimentary knowledge of programming can cripple the game for hours, and disrupt the activities of thousands of players. The coding in this game should not be that complex compared to others MMORPGS, considering it's a 2d side scrolling game. In addition, constant disruptions such as USCs, delayed SCs, unstable servers are just the tip of the iceberg.

    I'm not telling anyone to quit the game or stop playing. If you enjoy it, please by all means continue. Only I'd like to remind players the next time they consider purchasing NX, ask yourself - does this company truly deserve my money? Is this game, despite the frustrations, truly worth my money?

    Thank you for reading. TL;DR version- Dissatisfied with Nexon? Stop buying nx.

  2. Can you hear it?
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    Default Re: Is it enough yet?

    Another lets not buy nx thread. Pointless

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    Due to the hierarchal system the company has in place when it comes to bug fixes and development in general, there's little NexonNA themselves can do about all of these problems the game suffers through on a seemingly weekly basis. Also, the game is 10 years old and has never had a major overhaul for the coding of its foundation; What do you expect?

    Yeah, Nexon needs to get their act together, but players also need to quit being pineappleing sheep and paying these hackers raw USD for these hacking tools and exploit methods. If there wasn't profit to be made, they wouldn't keep doing this crap.

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    This is simply a reminder. Thank you for the thoughtful and constructive reply.

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    Adding on to Street's comment, we're only a very tiny fraction of the Maple community. Your words aren't reaching many ears (or in this case, eyes). People who DO visit here share these sentiments already. Again, pointless.

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    Some people that post regularly, perhaps. There are still great numbers that view threads regularly without registering.

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    Yes, but the majority of the non-registered viewers don't come to threads like this. They go to the extraction section and things like that.

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    There are companies much worse than Nexon that people throw much more money at.

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    You can't tell me that you know for a certainty, that every single Southperry viewer do not buy NX and share the same views.

    Anyways, like I said this is simply a reminder of all the frustrations of all we've had to endure while paying this company in one way or the other. People can throw pineapples and pomegranates around all they like.

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    Threads like these don't work because people have their personal expectations even if a great deal of us can agree that Nexon's level of competency is difficult to digest. People will quit when they want to even without purchasing NX, stop buying NX and play or just steamroll ahead like nothing's happened, your posting this won't make people contemplate differently because they need to come to the decision on their own terms and not as part of a collective 'we'; the only question that remains is whether enough people will quit that Nexon NA is forced to really step up their game.

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    The people that post regularly will still buy nx no matter what has happened. These types of threads only happen when nexon is hit back to back with exploits and problems.

    They are having a bad week and they are trying their best to keep the game up to speed. How do you expect nexon to know about every single exploit before it happens? This exploit was found out by the new user event they had going on. Nexon is not at their desks sniffing packets and trying to hack the game to oblivion. Its not nexon fault hackers want to milk the game for everything its worth. The game is running how its intended to run all these exploits occur from hackers messing with maple code using third party tools.

    These types of hacks are game breaking, but compared to the hack that maple sea had 2 years ago where the hackers were able to get someone info from just clicking on them? This hack isnt that game breaking in my eyes compared to that. All my hard work in maple can be taken away in a click? I rather take the economy breaking exploit. Also imo maplestory economy is crap. The mastery books market is utter disgrace to what it use to be in the past. No one knows prices and they just throw up random numbers in hopes people actually buy the item. Everyone believes if their item is 12% a stat its worth 4b or more.

    Maple has not had chaos for a while now the only major hack was stack hack. Other than that what major chaos was going on in maple? O yea it was


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    Default Re: Is it enough yet?

    I don't think we need a reminder, pretty sure we all know.

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    All these exploits and problems are quite cumulative in terms of people's patience with this company's way of running the game. People spend real $ on this game, and are rewarded with what? Entertainment? Perhaps, but the frustrations that go with it can far outweigh the fun.

    Look at the MTS problems that resulted in a database leak of account information that was never even acknowledged. You know the game is badly maintained when you're actually comparing hacks in terms of their severity and impact.

    We've been putting up with things like this constantly for years yet people keep on defending Nexon. I'm not saying other games do not have problems like this, only the level in this game is absurdly high.

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    For many people MS is just like a pomegranatety girlfriend, you spend lots of money on it and once in a while you can have a little fun with her. Sure, there might be better things out there, but since you already have this...

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    I really doubt it has anything to do with this but more of:
    MapleStory is a unique 2-D MMO.
    There's no other like it, sure there are some other 2D but MS HAD a simplicity that everyone loved and made us stick with the game.

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    Then f'ucking quit Maplestory.

    We're not forcing you to stay with this game that has this pomegranatety company. NEXON is surely not forcing you to keep playing their game. Just pineappleing quit, all your problems will be solved in one go!

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    Default Re: Is it enough yet?

    Doing it before Ray does.




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