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  1. Default Well, hellbanned.

    Was anyone else hellbanned? I didn't even have contact with exploited mesos to begin with. Nine hours of USC and this was the result?

  2. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Might want to refer to here. It's going to be a right headache to resolve since even people that didn't open stores after Friday's SC have been hellbanned.

  3. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Happy birthday Maplestory! Here you go players, to show you our appreciation! False bannings for everyone! Woo!

    You all know it's coming.

  4. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Went to drop transfer some equips to retrieve from Fredrick. Nope can't do that hellbanned.
    No trades or sales unless transferring mesos through storage counts.

    edit: I mean I didn't do any trades or sales on that account in the past day.

  5. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Got hell banned on all my characters...
    A simple rb would have been good enough nexon...

  6. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Seriously. Just reschedule the events with 3x EXP and 3x Miracle Time rates instead of the previous 2x (assuming Miracle Time even is 2x which I doubt). I don't see how this is a better outcome. So frustrating.

  7. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    It sounds like they missed a bunch of accounts with generated items too.

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    Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    I'm in class till this afternoon, so I dunno about my account.

    I've heard of others being hellbanned that have had little to no suspicious activity.

  9. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Oh I can confirm they missed accounts. Nexon basically chose the solution that would piss off the most people while doing the least to fix the problem. Hell patching the hack and letting the economy fix it self would probably be better than hellbanning every other person. When is Nexon going to realize that rollbacks aren't a horrible thing as long as their communicated effectively and proper compensation is given. It doesn't have to be 10k MP like some people are yelling for, just reschedule a 2x exp and a miracle time to make up for the rollback.

  10. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    I didnt trade anyone or loot any mounts and i'm safe.

  11. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

  12. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    I logged on my friend's account to grab him a FM spot and found he's hellbanned as well. Sigh. Logged a ticket. :/

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    Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Didn't get hellbanned but there were a few ppl that were hellbanned. Some were my friends. :c

  14. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    most of my friends on right now (10 out of maybe 12 or so) are hellbanned.

    personally i wasn't affected. is there a meso threshold, or did people actually have to have contact with generated items?
    one of my buddies didn't even do anything in fm and he was hellbanned

  15. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    I feel like continuing this analogy now.

    Half of the town decides to work on the bucket together while the other rests. With everyone's hands near the bucket, it explodes for no apparent reason, shattering everyone's hands and rendering them all useless. Half the town is now unable to do anything productive while the rest has to clean up the remains of the flood with nothing. The sorcerer laughs in his house on the hill.

  16. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Assuming they're doing what they did last time, they hellbanned anyone who had contact with generated mesos or items, directly or indirectly.

    While most of the people affected by this haven't actually done anything themselves, Nexon still needs time to figure out how many mesos to remove from the game from each account. Keep in mind that while the exploit was only released publicly a day or so ago, it's been around for much longer than that. They were even aware of an exploit during the maintenance fixing the phantom job changing exploit (which is actually related to this, I think) and removed generated mesos during that maintenance, according to Maryse.

  17. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Last time this happened the hack in question was there for weeks, while this one has been mainstreamed a weekend. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and assume there was a reason people wanted this hack patched. Most likely it's that, it's been here for awhile, we're just seeing it now because of some drama between the users who found it.

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    Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    I feel sorry for those that got hellbanned without a reason. Back in 2009 i've lost my shadower cause of meso exploit and generated meso (also had store up for a night before the info about exploit got spread on forums and not like we can tell the difference between illegal and legilly obtained mesos ). While i didnt want a rollback yesterday seeing how things went it would be much safer than just random hellban ppl (including innocent ones). Well Gl to everyone (not to hackers tho)

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    Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    Idk if I'm hellbanned. My friends took all my mesos

  20. Default Re: Well, hellbanned.

    I think everyone who's gotten mesos fro shops or anybody who had hacked mesos in the last week have been hellbanned. Sigh, I hope that wasn't a hacker that bought my stuff in the fm.



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