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Thread: World Transfers

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    Default World Transfers

    Has there been any mention of the reasoning behind taking out the world transfer option or if there are any plans to re implement the service?

    I know of quite a few people who would use this service if it were to come back at its original cost, and I know there are many more people who would use it that I don't know.

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    From my understanding it was due to the fact that the system was buggy as all heck and that there weren't any plans to reimpliment it at this time.

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    There are tons of exploiters that would love to spread their items to other servers and profit more.

    As Untradeable said, the system was stupidly bugged (losing potential, enhancements (just the stars), and other random things) and the last a Nexon Employee talked about it there was zero effort to bring it back.

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    They also mentioned mean players going world by world terrorizing/scamming/whatever everyone and then moving to a diff world.



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