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  1. Default Comparing between Warrior Jobs, Do Hero still stand a worth to played?

    I'm a player from MSEA , and I played a Adventurer Hero until lv181
    Recently ,MSEA have just having a patch till Xenon ( break into few part ,and basically now is hyper skill 1st)

    For some reasons , I'm switching server from Bootes to Cassiopea ,means I need to recreate a new jobs ,I have faith more in Warrior job and most of my heart ask me to played back hero since I was love it since few years ago ,
    After watching my frens DK , Aran , Mihile and Demon Slayer and obviously upcoming Kaiser ,I feel that Adventurers warrior are so weak and made me feel unlikely to play adventurer again in rasional thinking if compare to Kaiser and Demon Slayer.

    This is what I feel , Adventurer warrior is hard train as hell compare to demon slayer ,
    Demon slayer have 100% stance from the 1st level ,while warrior need to get lv30 skill point in stance only in 4th job
    Demon having rush in 2nd jobs while we only get it on 4th job
    and Demon having extremely high mobility skill than poor soul rush of warrior ,
    More over , Demon Slayer seem like have everythings , he can go through map swiftly , even have a 5sec cooldown 'elixir' skill that regen according hp % ,but hero have just a 400hp regen every 4sec ,it is totally a joke for a 20 master level skill , even haven't compare to Drk 4th job skill
    Demon Slayer also have Metamorphosis that can attack cancel weapon and hero don't even stand a chance to do so ,
    Demon having a skill that clear mobs skill with Demon Cry that not only reduce armor and attack like Panic but in a extremely large area and increase drop rate and exp rate? wtp IS that!, everytime I saw my frens spam that skill in hunting etc and so effective while I need to use raging blow that is extremely short in range , he can do the job alot alot easier ,
    Comparing main attacking skill , Demon Impact does hit 4mobs and row ,while Raging Blow with enrage only hit pity 1target ,
    Hero only have pity 20% abnormal status resistance (not counting valhala) while demon slayer having 60% abnormal status resistance with the same 20 master level skill while demon slayer skill giving extra weapon def bonus ,
    In defending skill , Demon have skill to work same like power guard but stronger than hero alot even havent added obsidian skill and even have 30% chance to guard ,while power guard can't be use if the boss have reflect while demon skill work perfectly ,
    Warrior attack damage % was high but usually cap with pity low hit/s ,but demonslayer having blue blood to solve this problem ,
    Demon Slayer active hyper skill if extremely useful , cercebus and work similar as rage uprising but it is a 5sec cooldown while rage uprising is 60sec cd , is this fair?
    Demon even have bind while Hero only have magic crash althought I know should not be compare bcoz of the cooldown ,
    Hero is damn frustrated if being dispel , all the damage source gone with the 10 combo orb , sometimes after you regain 10orbs you being dispell again , while Demon doesn't have this such much problem ,
    Everytime bossing in Zakum or Horntail or Pink Bean make me feel Hero is worse than Demon Slayer more,
    in Zakum , during hand stage ,Demon can clear the hand extremely fast while I only able to hit 4hands at max ,and body stage ,his demon impact can hit four target to partly clear the mob summoned ,while after enrage I can only hit 1 target , and not easily to switch back to hit many mobs, while demon can switch easily by just using demon cry ,it is a seperate damn huge aoe skill,while I need to cancel the enrage manually and need to waste to charging 10orbs again while enrage again.
    in Horntail , He spam skill deal damage to whole body while the only way I can damage whole body by Uprising Rage ,and I need to walk and climb to hit the head 1by 1 ,while he can just fly to the top , it's really a jealous when saw he hit so many hit when open blue blood and use cerebus ,while i'm pitying hitting in so short range,
    in Pink Bean ,
    He can hit two status and once with demon impact , and after comparing ,he even have lot more hp than me thanks to metamorphosis passive.
    In Aswan Liberation ,
    I have take down two tower while he only have use 1 of the skill that reach to a random mob to reach the final destination easily , and having the rush skill that will shift place easily to avoid magic even without need a target like rush.
    In MoN ,
    He can fly over the landspace so easily not needing to avoid totem , while I need to jump so carefully ,and he can reach to end so fast.

    I just there too many unfair in balancing between jobs , don't even and haven't compare to kaiser that having high dps as a warrior

    I like to play Hero in the new server but these many reasons tell me Hero is so uneffective when stand in front of what is usefull after comparing, I feel like obviously Demon is a better job.

  2. Default Re: Comparing between Warrior Jobs, Do Hero still stand a worth to played?

    Quoted from the post which @SaptaZapta posted in my thread when I compared my I/L with Luminous a month ago:

    Just change the lumi to your hero, and you will know what i mean.

  3. Default Re: Comparing between Warrior Jobs, Do Hero still stand a worth to played?

    I was this thinking a long time ago till few weeks ago , I keep thinking that as long as I playing what I loved , the recent revamp was only intrepid slash to raging blow , actually is called a revamp but if you look detail ,just a adding range by extremely small and 2more hits , it doestn't make huge change , when you saw you still have bunch of skill that useless like self recovery that regen 400HP 4sec ,COMPARE TO 5sec cooldown elixir ,OMG nexon are you really using your brain to balancing , is 400HP enough for 30k hp warrior? Roar? For no purpose to use , Panic is usefull but having a small aoe and not spammable skill to darkness target while Mihile having skill to give darkness by 40% all the time , is really frustrated , Iron body ,an ACTIVE SKILL that give 200 weapon def ,Endure , a passive skill that use 20 skill point for 20% abnormal status ONLY ...wtp!? ...after watching soul master revamp in KMS , I was really lost patient , even Soul Master as a warrior can hit so many times and the range was high as well , why the hell I should play a job that suffer so much if playing other job could me make do the same things much easier ,this what I thinking rasionally and not base on sentimental value.

    And here I hope your to discuss , in fact ,is Adventurer warrior worth to be played?I really feel they are so downstream now althought still stronger than some job like nl and wh



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