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  1. Default Chinchillin' chair.

    Is there any possible way to get this chair anymore?

  2. Default Re: Chinchillin' chair.

    Sadly, not at the moment. Unless I read something wrong at the event the code for it also only lasted until the 13th of March.

  3. Default Re: Chinchillin' chair.

    Let me guess, it's untradeable?

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    Default Re: Chinchillin' chair.

    Yep, it's as Curtiss said, not available at the moment.

    And yes, completely untradeable. I wish I could move it from my BaM to my Kanna :(

    speaking of, Hi fellow Khaini Kanna! :D

  5. Default Re: Chinchillin' chair.

    Wow, another Khaini Kanna? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one. Hello!

    It's saddening. I was hacked a couple weeks before the event by my ex and quit the game. I wish I had stayed now. I used to own all of the chairs and I really took pride in my collection. I kind of just broke when I saw everything gone, especially since it cost a lot. Hopefully they'll bring some event where people can get it.



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