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  1. Default Are the 'Rider' medal quests broken?

    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!: Using the temporary mounts from the anniversary events, I decided I'd get as many as I can to get the Rider medals. The problem is, I couldn't complete the 'Easy Rider' medal quest at 10, and upon getting my 11th mount I still can't complete it.

    I tried forfeiting it and re-accepting, but that just reset the number for Easy to 0. This is a bug, right? [Nevermind the fact that one of the mounts, probably Rolls, isn't counted!]

    Images of problem

  2. Default Re: Are the 'Rider' medal quests broken?

    Uhh yeah that's definitely not intended. I got my easy rider medal just fine a few months back.

  3. Default Re: Are the 'Rider' medal quests broken?

    I ran into the same problem just now. 9/10 for Easy Rider, bought the Aria mount, it stayed at 9/10.

    What's weird though, is that for the other two Mount medals, they went up to 12/xx.

    Ugh, yet another GMS exclusive medal that's glitched alongside with Creature of the Night/Scared of the Dark...

  4. Default Re: Are the 'Rider' medal quests broken?

    Try using the plane "mounts" from the airplane guy. They count technically, and if you are lucky, you could make them update your count.

  5. Default Re: Are the 'Rider' medal quests broken?

    I tried updating it again with a 90-day Croking mount; went up to 13/xx for the other two and Easy Rider is still stuck at 9/10. One of my alliance members obtained the medal recently and it worked for her.

    I think it has something to do with how my Rider counts used to "reset" when I didn't add a mount into my collection after an extended period of time.

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    I got that medal back in the day, but sometimes the numbers get stuck... Weird if not all get stuck at the same time, though.



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