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  1. Default EXP/Reg hairstyle locations?

    I know a while ago now the locations of getting certain hairstyles were changed, and I was wondering if there's an up to date list of where to get each of the EXP/Reg hairstyles? I spent around 30k NX in Ludibrium on regular coupons trying to get the Robot hair and never saw it, not sure if it's just bad luck or it isn't available anymore.. I also didn't see the Urban Dragon hair either, which should also be an option.

    Robot hair looks like this:

    Also, unrelated, but does anyone remember when the Fantasy hair was released? That was one of my favourite male hairstyles and I'm pretty sure it has only ever been available once for a very short time.

    Fantasy hair:

  2. Default Re: EXP/Reg hairstyle locations?

    I've used the thing on BasilMarket and haven't ever had any problems with it:

    It says that Robot still comes from REG hairstyle in Ludi, but it doesn't even list Fantasy so take it with a grain of salt.

  3. Default Re: EXP/Reg hairstyle locations?

    The second style was available in one of the guises of Royal hair at some point long ago. I recall it having a bug that made it blue when it should be black or some such.

  4. Default Re: EXP/Reg hairstyle locations?

    I guess my luck just sucks then. I'll throw another 10 coupons at it and see what happens next time I get some NX. I was mostly just wondering because I remember a while back there was a post on the website about the styles in certain salons being changed.

    I'm pretty sure Fantasy has only been available once in the entire time I've played GMS, around summer 2012 I think, but I can't remember for sure, so it wouldn't be in those lists. It's a shame, it has been in the data since the start (and has been part of the background in the Kerning salon since beta) and it looks awesome. :(



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