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Thread: Watch out

  1. Default Watch out

    Watch out who you click, theres a hack where if the "hacker" has you click on them it ill change you to a phantom just giving everyone a warning.
    heres a photo for proof; its not mine but it is related and no its not trolling.



  2. Default Re: Watch out

    omfg this is awesome

  3. Default Re: Watch out

    It seems like Phantom is finally taking revenge for being made fun of all the time and used as a mule.

  4. Default Re: Watch out

    Yeah, news and this seems to be spreading fast. Really hope this gets fixed ASAP before this gets out of hand.

    -There's a hack floating around, seems to have been started by a character impersonating a GM to say 'click me';
    -Clicking on the said character causes you to permanently turn into a phantom, regardless of any other class;
    -You gain access to phantom skills (or replaces what you have for class skills);
    -When you get changed into a phantom, the equipment on you becomes unusable unless you're a phantom;
    -Re-logging or restarting maple does not fix this problem;
    -Clicking on anyone affected by this will also turn the clicker into a phantom.

    So just a heads up and don't click anyone...

  5. Default Re: Watch out

    Man, this hack is hilariously frightening and ironic. Does it wear off on the victims after they log out or something? Answered above.

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    Default Re: Watch out

    Not that I condone hacking or anything...

    ..but this is hilarious.

    Bit of a stupid question, but does nothing happen if you are a phantom already? Does nothing happen or do you just dc?

  7. Water Female
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    Default Re: Watch out

    Oh god i'm not clicking on anyone ever again.

    CTDs, Clicking Transmitted Diseases.

  8. Default Re: Watch out

    I hope this is a simple fix. Not looking forward to a roll back.

  9. Default Re: Watch out

    Not that the original concept of the hack isn't hilarious, but this has got to be the best part of it.

  10. Default Re: Watch out

    Seems like the Tempest sickness was only a precursor.

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    Default Re: Watch out

    this is pineappleing terrifying, all of my nope.

  12. Lead Ball Male
    IGN: EastTimor
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 201
    Job: All of them
    Guild: Faith
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    Default Re: Watch out

    Good guy phantom : Steals your skills but feels bad about it afterwards so he gives them back + teaches you everything he knows.
    Last edited by Rain; 2013-05-03 at 06:11 PM. Reason: i cant spell

  13. Default Re: Watch out

    Does anyone else think this is a precursor to something much more sinister? If they can make a player controlled character function like a job advancing NPC, who knows if they can turn a character into a delete button...

  14. Default Re: Watch out

    Phantom-itus or so it seems. I find this quite interesting..

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    Default Re: Watch out

    This hax is so stupid, I cant play my main at all now. Hopefully, nexon will fix this on the schedule maintenance.

  16. Helium Atom Straight Female
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    Default Re: Watch out

    So, being the dumb dumb that I am, I was skeptical.. So I decided to do it on my old main.
    I didn't have to click any characters though. There was a rather interesting NPC in Henesys.

  17. Default Re: Watch out

    Putting any NPC you want anywhere seems like a pretty bad exploit also. I wonder if these two hacks were discovered the same way?

  18. Default Re: Watch out

    This is both incredibly hilarious and incredibly annoying.
    Inb4 they replace all job advancement NPCs with Phantom NPCs

  19. Default Re: Watch out

    The interesting thing about Kagamine's screenshot is that you can see the actual Maple admin there as well, which also makes it terrifying if the hacker can actually change up the NPCs or retrieve an old one to spread the hack when curious players click on it.

    Well, as fun as this hack looks it'd better be fixed quickly or patched.

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    Default Re: Watch out

    I guess Nexon is gonna rollback the servers to reinstate the original jobs and probably probe into this exploit.

    I wonder how would it be if it were to spread to other continents.



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