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  1. Default Which weapon gives me more damage?

    I finally have an empress shoulder to use which means i can switch out a piece if i want to. Besides my overall, the only other option is my cannon.

    My question is...will a 65% boss 45% ignore 189 att 15 str reverse beat my 9% all 9% total 45% ignore 205 att 40+ str 140 cannon? With the 6 set eff, i have 57% boss and (including overload...not sure if i should, elementalism, etc), 50% total damage.

    I know the real answer is both, since the 140 gives more damage on RA, but if i sold my 140 cannon could i expect an increase in damage on boss monsters with the reverse vs the 140?

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    I have no idea how much passive defense ignore cannoneers get, but wouldn't you be far better off using the empress cannon if you recubed it for a boss damage + def ignore line? Or even 2 boss damage lines? 16 more attack and 25 more str along with 6 set effect is nothing to scoff at.

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    1) I have over 100% def ignore regardless of the choice.
    2) I have the 6 set eff regardless of the choice.

    And yeah, i would, but i don't want to spend the cubes when i have other items that need it. Plus the cannon is currently at profit status right now and i don't want to ruin that.

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    I will find it very hard to believe that 9% total, 9% all, 16 WA and 25 STR can beat a 30-ish% overall increase in boss/total damage.

    A few more numbers would help. We can calculate backwards to get your effective WA when fully buffed and when naked (tell us what you buffed with too). Saves some pain in counting from all sources.

    edit: just WA buffs for range. No MW please if you'd like me to track your effective WA.

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    Sell both and get a loveless or RA? I'm guessing this is probably too expensive because you would need to perfect it yourself most likely, but its an option i guess.

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    The reverse cannon is completely untradable. Somewhere down the road, getting a RA cannon would be sweet, but they aren't exactly in supply at the moment.

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    Default Re: Which weapon gives me more damage?

    If I read this right, the difference is 65% boss (reverse) vs 26att, 9%td, 9% all (empress).

    26att and 9%all aren't going to be nearly enough to beat 56% boss.
    The Empress cannon is obviously stronger on non-bosses.

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    Well let's see...for this scenario to happen i need to have the empress shoulder on and that currently would lose me 16% STR but i will gain 4 att.

    With my set up now (current shoulder, 140 cannon), 279,257 clean. Str is 4883 (999+3884). I don't think cannoneers have any w.att buffs but with monkey magic only i have 291,243.

    % boss is actually 87% because i have another 30% from my secondary, and i will cube for more of it this saturday. (i know this diminishes the return, so i figured i would mention)

    The whole point of this is to get an increase in damage for little expense. I already have a "perfect" reverse, and a great 140 cannon. I don't have an interest in anything currently on the market that isn't a 150 lost cannon, and only if i already have a top/bottom/hat for the set eff. 6 set eff + reverse cannon potential should be awesome but i want to know specifically how much i would get from the upgrade before i sell my 140 cannon or decide if i should get a tyrant.

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    What about dojo glove instead of empress glove?

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    Because my glove is too good to bother with getting top 10 gloves all the time, and this option seems better. Dojo gloves would be the option if i already had no significant empress set eff, aka tyrants+RA set.

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    The other way to think about is... that 65% gives you a 27% increase in DPS, which is weighed down by a decrease of 25%stat (approx) and 20WA. You definitely have >=100%stat, which at the maximum gives you a loss of 12.5% DPS, and you definitely have >= 300WA, which at the maximum makes you lose 4% DPS, for a cumulative maximum approximate loss of 16% DPS. The question now is not which is better, but rather how much better.

    The below calculations are extremely rough, and is but an attempt to estimate how much hard stat, %stat and WA+%WA (compounded with the weapon multiplier which idk...) you have.


    A full back-calculation would require ranges after individual buffs from MW, MM, and find a way to remove some WA with minimal changes elsewhere. I probably should have asked that of you earlier, but I guess that is now less relevant to you now.


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    Mmm so i put on the shoulder despite it having no significant lines whatsoever and it was a gain over my 16% shoulder by 2k when wearing the reverse.

    I found out i'm stupid and boss damage works on RA/magnus, so i'm ~100k per hit stronger or something while still having 2 useless items.

    Thanks. :B



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