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Thread: Old PvP

  1. God of Terrorism Straight Male
    IGN: Bomber123
    Server: StranInSCA
    Level: 202
    Job: Terrorist
    Guild: Noctivagant
    Alliance: I dont remember
    Farm: ExpiredMobs

    Default Old PvP

    When i saw the 8th anniversary medal slapped with battle attack, i got pretty sad. A lot of my time post-chaos was spent in PvP. It was really fun. I don't really recall showing anyone these videos on southperry and they were the reason i started recording you-tube videos in the first place.
    I don't think i had Soul Driver at this point, so i did less-than-stellar. Either way, the tournament that would leave a few people stuck in scania was something of a blessing to me, since i got to play with a lot of team battles and 1v1s for fun with people who enjoyed it as well. It was probably the highest point in my maple career in terms of pure enjoyment that i got out of it.
    I really wish old pvp was back....

    @Girasol; if you didn't already know, nexon removed the world transfers when the actual pvp tournament finally was set up and ready. We didn't get to finish more than 2 team battle rounds and we had to rush the hell out of the free-for-all brackets. It ruined the tournament and left my friend and a few others stuck here in scania, whether by the 30 day waiting period or computer issues. It was really depressing. We had over 30 people transfer here too.
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  2. Default Re: Old PvP

    If only they knew..

  3. Default Re: Old PvP

    The Shadower is using Band of Thieves, now I'm sad too.

  4. Default Re: Old PvP

    I really, really, enjoyed the first PvP. I spent basically all of summer training my Paladin exclusively in PvP. I wish they brought back the original one (not the severely limited one). If they really had to, they could exclude newer classes as they worked on balancing them and add them later.

  5. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Haséo
    Server: Korgath
    Level: 110
    Job: Rogue
    Guild: Re Lapse
    Alliance: World of Warcraft

    Default Re: Old PvP

    I loved old PvP. When I did it hardcore on my DS, it was so much fun. Met a ton of new people and we had our own little group and whatnot.
    Sad thing was when PvP was "revamped", majority of the PvP group quit the game, because their only enjoyment in the game was slaughtered and ruined.

  6. Default Re: Old PvP

    I was a bucc and I thought PvP was fun. That should serve as evidence to how awesome it was. :s

  7. Default Re: Old PvP

    Wasnt everyone complaining about how terribly imbalanced the old PvP was.

  8. Default Re: Old PvP

    They were? The old, old PvP was imbalanced in some ways (See BMs, Wild Hunters etc.) but it was great fun otherwise and at any rate I think this video is more related to Bomber's world match since he mentioned world transfers.

  9. Default Re: Old PvP

    i enjoyed the old PvP as well. i spent 1/3 of my fire mage's life leveling there. but yes, im 200% sure people were complaining.

  10. Default Re: Old PvP

    I made a lot of mesos from selling gallant emblems and shoulder pads. I remember warriors had a pretty big advantage. But yea it was fun for me since I placed 1st place often with my Hero. I can't imagine old PvP was enjoyable for a lot of people because of the lag and class imbalances. They definitely have to add better rewards if they want it to be somewhat populated. I liked the coin system. Maybe add some special equips like RA or *cough* cubes as prizes

  11. Default Re: Old PvP

    That's pretty much the only thing I did on my Battle Mage and it being removed took away a large part of my motivation. It was pretty much my only money source as well.
    They said they implemented new PvP but you're still unable to enter. And since we skipped the period of emblems dropping from monsters there is no way to spend my gallant emblems.

  12. Default Re: Old PvP

    It WAS imbalanced, but PvP version 2 was worse.

    You can still craft lv130 stuffs with them if you have enough emblems and have the recipe.

  13. God of Terrorism Straight Male
    IGN: Bomber123
    Server: StranInSCA
    Level: 202
    Job: Terrorist
    Guild: Noctivagant
    Alliance: I dont remember
    Farm: ExpiredMobs

    Default Re: Old PvP

    @Kizo; hosted it...Not me. I was the first tranaferee(broa being my home world) for the tournament.

  14. Default Re: Old PvP

    Yeah, bug I don't and there is absolutely to get emblems now.

  15. Default Re: Old PvP

    Play Aran, it was total hell for me.

  16. God of Terrorism Straight Male
    IGN: Bomber123
    Server: StranInSCA
    Level: 202
    Job: Terrorist
    Guild: Noctivagant
    Alliance: I dont remember
    Farm: ExpiredMobs

    Default Re: Old PvP

    There was a lot of strong arans who could do better than most people when there were a lot of people in the map o.o
    I had final attack on?

  17. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: Combobro
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 212
    Job: Aran
    Guild: SolarWinds
    Alliance: Dominion

    Default Re: Old PvP

    I loved pvp on my Aran. I won the majority of the matches I played on it from day one.

  18. Default Re: Old PvP

    People were complaining but mainly on certain jobs which were too OP.
    But overall PVP version 1 was still a very fun experience.

  19. Default Re: Old PvP

    I missed old pvp so much, then it just HAD to get nerfed and tampered with(like many good things in maple) instead of just attempting to balance classes. I would love GMS so much if they It brought it back.

  20. Default Re: Old PvP

    My fire mage owned there :P



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