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  1. Default New Aran quest problem

    EDIT: Found it in the known bug list. Guess I'll wait until HP fully replenishes.

    The quest [Required]The Return of the Hero from the NPC Puka is not completable. Even though the NPC acknowledges that the quest is ready to be finished (with the closed book icon), he insists that the condition has not been met when talked to.

    I tried forfeiting the quest and redoing it multiple times.

    Images of problem

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    Default Re: New Aran quest problem

    This isn't new. The problem is you have character cards, so you arn't at full HP from using the potion. The NPC checks for you having full HP, not that you've used the potion. You have to wait it out while you heal or get rid of the cards.

  3. Default Re: New Aran quest problem

    This is old, since character cards have been out. Just log off, remove your cards, complete the quest and then add your cards back later.

  4. Default Re: New Aran quest problem

    I see, the problem is that even though the apple is supposed to bring the HP bar to full, it does not.



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