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    Here's a video that is became irrelevant a long time ago, since it's pre-Tempest. There's no sound since I play Maple with the sound off, and I was making dirty comments to some of the runners over Skype the entire time.

    It's the last Empress run we did as a group before the Tempest patch (we killed her a few times afterwards, but eventually we just stopped).

    It's not absolutely perfect, one unfortunate DR, but it brings to mind the happy memories I had of doing Empress runs with my friends. I thought you guys might enjoy the spirit of the video, a group taking down a boss. (It's really no different that any other boss, just a bunch of people spamming skills at a blob of HP, but it's not really the boss that counts, but the people that were there).

    Missing you guys.
    @Vanderlust; (BryHigh)
    @MoldyBunny; (MoldyPhantom)
    @HellenzSin; (zTsugumi)
    @pinkywinkee; (HarryDrezden)

    And, though they weren't out this run, shout out to guest runners @Kubi; and @Locked; (who cursed us, never killed her once with you, Danny).

    Danny has brought to my attention that we did in fact kill her with him at least once, so I take that last statement back.
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    Good times :). Just remember I come on less because @HellenzSin; called me ugly that entire one day I had no nx.



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