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    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere already, I tried to look through multiple forums, and do a search, but found nothing to answer my questions.

    So, I've been on "hiatus" for a few months. Coming back, I'm trying to get a Fafnir mace ready for my DS. It already has potential, which I'm pretty sure was the only prerequisite to adding bonus potential, however, my endeavors are not working out quite as I remember them to.

    I tried using a Special Potential Slot Carver, which I used many times over before I decided to temporarily quit, yet it's not working as I recall it should. It's not even letting me put the mace on it, or any other item I've tried. I also tried using the new scroll that adds 3 lines of bonus potential, that didn't work either, and I did already find that it just doesn't seem to work in Legendary Spirit, and I obviously can't equip the Fafnir before finishing it (made harder thanks to an ex-buddy of mine that used most of my good event scrolls on crap, including completely untradeable and useless mage weapons.).

    I also just tried a Golden Potential Slot Carver, to the same effect as the Special Potential Slot Carver. I added an item which already had 2 lines, and it took that just fine... which I assume only worked due to the 3rd line added for bonus potential.

    So... is there something I'm missing? Are these all just glitched, or am I doing something wrong? If I'm in the wrong, what do I need to do to add bonus potential. I'd like to try to take advantage of the current items in the CS, in case they don't show up for a while. It's an end-game item, so obviously I'll take no chances in blowing it up, which is why I'm just as concerned with potential now, as I will be with scrolling it.

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    The 100% Slot Carvers from the Hot Times and such are just unusable now. The 60%s/80%s and 100%s from the CS need at least 1 line of Bonus Potential in order to work.
    The Scrolls only work on items that are equipped and have no lines of Bonus Potential already.

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    the 100% slot carvers from hottimes are weird, and only work if you already have bonus potential now for some reason. They will add the second and third lines of bonus pot to your equip. (One line per stamp.)

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    Then, what do I use to get the initial bps, I mean, ALL of these are supposed to add the first line.

    The original Gold Potential Slot carver was supposed to add the first line at an 80% chance, and then the 2nd at a 40% chance. Now they don't add the first line at all? Why would they add a new line, and try to modify the bonus potential system, yet make it impossible to add the first line? I mean sure, it's Nexon we're talking about, but this is ridiculous.

    I absolutely can not equip this item, as I still have a few protection and lucky day scrolls I could use. Not to mention, the scrolls I want to use on it are on my Kaiser, and I don't have enough protections, or shielding scrolls to finish it atm, and I need guardian scrolls as well. Yeah, I came back just a moment too late, and missed the guardians/shields.

    Edit: Okay, maybe it's not impossible, I forgot about the ones in game, but using those compared to the other options we used to have, is really inconvenient. Not to mention, they seem a tad hard to come by.

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    You can't do anything except either wait it out until you're ready to equip it, or just suck it up and equip it and then deal with all the PSoKs when you're ready to scroll it.

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    I would just wait, personally. You can just throw on a 3line BP scroll when you're ready to equip it. Cubing doesn't require trading, so it's not really NEEDED. If you use the 3line BP scroll after buying it from the CS it never expires, either, so there's no hurry.

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    Alright, guess I have to wait. I want to cube my bonus potentials while the cubes were here, and use the packages to get some of my already potentialed gear to 3 lines. That's okay though, really I just wanted to make sure I had no options atm before I decided to give up and just be patient.

    So, thank you both for the information you've provided.

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    They also made some crazy weird changes to basic/intermediate/advances stamps.
    Basic: 20% success no boom, intermediate: 40% success no boom, advanced: 60% success 100% boom on failure.
    Source: codex on major bosses.

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    The basic still drop from normal monsters no? That's actually viable, with no boom. The problem I was expecting was having the easier ones risk boom (obviously not doing that, and don't have the protections to spare even if I was crazy enough to do it that way), and the ones without boom, were too rare. If basic's still drop properly, then I should have no problem. Though... I didn't see a single one while training my Hayato, so they clearly don't drop as often as they used to.

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    All of them only drop from the big bosses like zak,ht...etc, now I feel stupid for saving advanced stamps.

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    Well, there goes that. Thank you for your replies, and info. I'll see if I can get lucky at some bosses, if not waiting is fine. I just want to finish it before I equip. I don't know if PSoK is viable or not, cause I thought Fafnir was untradeable after equip, but PSoK to scroll, is not a way I'd enjoy spending my money.



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