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Thread: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

  1. Default Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Uhm, where do I start? Okay my name is Jigsaw, I've recently came back to MapleStory. I remember starting the game for the first time around 2005, where there were only 3 servers: Scania, Bera and Broa. I like playing games on OMGPOP!, particularly Swapples, Dinglepop and Letterblox. I heard about Southperry since it's usually referenced for Fiel's extractions of KMST content. I registered here as an escape from Basilmakret, 'nuff said.

    I hope to make some friends and have a good time here.

  2. Water Female
    IGN: PlsBuffBT
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 22x
    Job: Beast Tamer
    Guild: Path
    Alliance: Meme
    Farm: Yeiionde

    Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    You arn't going to ask us to play a game, right?

  3. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    No, I won't ask anyone to do that. I prefer creating a match and just wait around for people.

  4. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    I see what you did there.

    Anyway, welcome to SP @Jigsaw; ! I'm also a newbie here lol (Just joined around a week or 2 ago).

  5. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Hi there! How are you liking SP so far?

  6. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    It's actually kinda fun, seeing things from others' PoV, as I play MSEA.

  7. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    We've spoken a few times by now but welcome all the same!

  8. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Thanks so much, Curtis. I can tell we're going to be good friends.

  9. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Welcome to SP! Homeland of chinchillas giving pineapples and pomegranates

  10. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Wasn't that @Corn; 's line?

  11. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Lol, I've heard of the pineapples and pomegranates but what do they mean exactly?

  12. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    What @Curtiss; said lol
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  13. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Pineapples means someone agrees with your post or likes it while pomegranates mean the opposite. For example, I put a pomegranate on yours since I didn't agree and explained why but it's also useful in case you don't have something to post about in the topic or if someone already said what you wanted to say.

    TBH I sometimes just a post if it made me laugh.

  14. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
    IGN: MariettaRC
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Bowmistress
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

    Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    There's the ranking system, as Curtiss mentioned, directly below posts. They are also swear word filters, but swearing isn't prohibited. But we've grown so used to it, we sometimes prefer the swear filter because it's funnier. :P

    Welcome! :D

  15. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Okay, I'll trying integrating myself with those kinds of words SP uses. Thank you, stranger!

  16. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Well, that's news to me.

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    Alliance: N/A

    Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.

  18. AFK at Ch 18 Leafre Straight Male
    Nion's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: 9498
    Server: Scania
    Level: 210
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    Guild: Symbolism
    Alliance: Lore
    Farm: Symbolism

    Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    Welcome to Southperry and I hope you enjoy your stay!

  19. Default Re: Hi, I'm Jigsaw

    I must say, chinchillas are cute.



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