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  1. Default Growing Up Hetero in a Homo World

    Aight, so this is on Facebook, so anyone who wants/knows how to embed it to make it all fancy in this thread, go for it.

    Anywho, this video just popped up on my newsfeed via the boyfriend. It's incredibly powerful, and offers the perspective of growing up hetero in an all homo world and the pain that heteros have to endure. Anyways, it's a powerful message and it is well worth the 20 minutes to watch it. KTHXBAI.

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    Default Re: Growing Up Hetero in a Homo World

    I very much enjoyed watching this video and shared it along the usual social media outlets.

    I really like how they reversed our society for this short film and it really make me think about things from a different perspective.

    With time, I'd like to think that people will become less ignornant and we can move past the bigotry that affects so many innocents. Hopefully this summer, the U.S. Supreme Court will agree with the legality of same-sex marriage so we can put these dark times behind us.

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    This was honestly very terrifying, I think I'm very lucky to not have that kind of experience with coming out.

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    romeo and julio got me. it was a really good watch though.
    And its kind of sad that its actually really like this in the real world for homosexuals.

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    I watched this a while ago and just could not take it seriously because the cast looked like little kids. Not sure how old they actually are but it just looked funny to me with these 11 year old lookalikes talking pomegranate.

    That being said, the script is actually pretty good and accurately reflects the struggles of many lgbt teens. Just needed a better casting imo.



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