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  1. Default Chaos Purification Boxes.

    I know asking about this is kind of a long shot since I didn't see anything like this in Max's blog, but perhaps someone could be of help.

    Basically, we've been randomly gifted Chaos Boxes from Cassandra every day and no one knows what's the deal with them. Here's an SS of it:

    I thought at first that this was just another cash grab, but that doesn't make sense since the cash update didn't add anything to unlock this. If anyone knows what's the deal with these boxes your input is much appreciated since I'm iffy about throwing them out.

  2. Default Re: Chaos Purification Boxes.

    In fact, you do need the stone from Cash Shop (490 cash in KMS) to open this box.
    Oh, and there will be more items similar to this except with a different name and a ''fever'' system.

  3. Default Re: Chaos Purification Boxes.

    Well, that's fun, now we get to have them shoved in our inventories to toss out and they probably just forgot to put the key in the cash shop. Time for some belated spring cleaning!

    Thanks for the info too as always. I'd play those if I were in KMS but I'm not going to trust these things in MSEA.

  4. Default Re: Chaos Purification Boxes.

    GMS has done this too on occasion. They usually add the missing key during the following SC. We have never had that particular box though.



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