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  1. Default Tour of Crimsonwood Castle

    This is the new theme dungeon available for those who are Lv. 130 or higher.
    There is one party play map (around 4:25 mark).

  2. Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    How many different versions of Masteria/NLC are there now? GMS has had two, CMS has one slightly different to GMS (I think?) JMS has a completely different one, and now KMS has one too? @_@

    It's kinda weird seeing those mobs in maps like that. Typhons don't look right unless they're in a frustratingly difficult to navigate mountain/cliff type area. I wonder if GMS is gonna get this too at some point.

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    Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    I like it, the maps are huge with good spawn and the backgrounds are really pretty.

    One thing kinda ruins it for me though. IT'S WEIRD TO SEE THE LEPRECHAUNS MOVING D:

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    Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    Everything ruins everything.

  5. Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    Not that weird if you have a Leprechaun familiar though.

  6. Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    Let's recap!

    New Leaf City
    GMS - Ruined NLC (Original),( Retired: New Leaf City)
    CMS, TMS - Ruined NLC (Modified), New Leaf City
    EMS - New Leaf City
    MSEA - New Leaf City
    JMS - No NLC
    TMS - New Leaf City
    KMS - No NLC

    The difference between original and modified Ruined NLC is that CMS adds Visitor PQ monsters and has a portal that transports you to the original NLC. There are also more areas, actual bosses, and overall is better.

    Crimsonwood Keep (and Twisted Paths)
    GMS - Crimsonwood Keep, Modified Twisted Paths, (Retired: Twisted Paths)
    CMS - Crimsonwood Keep, Twisted Paths
    EMS - Crimsonwood Keep, Twisted Paths
    MSEA - Crimsonwood Keep, Modified Twisted Paths
    JMS - Modified Crimsonwood Keep, Modified Twisted Paths
    TMS - No Crimsonwood Keep
    KMS - Crimsonwood Castle (or Faded Citadel)

    Now CWK is really weird. In most versions it's all the same, the only version I've really seen that has it modified (besides recent KMS) is probably JMS. To access JMS Crimsonwood Keep you have to actually enter from Aqua Road since there is no New Leaf City. Along with this the PQ is modified, and all of the maps are different from the other versions.
    As for the Twisted Paths part, this is simply another name I used for Phantom Forest and it is basically the maps leading up to Crimsonwood Keep. The modified versions vary from GMS and JMS but GMS has a shorter Phantom Forest from what I assume.

    I was bored so I made this . . .

  7. Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    Did they remove the entrance to Crimsonwood Castle from Sharp Cliff 4?

  8. Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    Pretty meh this update... I see that the castle is still incomplete... and why the hell they didn't use this song?

    it would sound really epic....

  9. Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    I think the area is more or less complete. It has all the quests and gives a medal upon completion.

    Anyways here are some of the interesting quests that I encountered while doing the quests:

    And the final boss for the area is...


    Also nexon seem to be taking a new way of doing quests. The mini game quests from faded citadel are quite similar to the quests in colossus the giant.

  10. Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    That stage... is Metal Slug???

  11. Default Re: Crimsonwood Castle

    I have been waiting for this kind of quests for a long time. So one positive thing in this sad Masteria drama then.



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