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  1. Default "Friendship Ring: Snowflake" glitch?

    Just found this in my Explorer CS inventory, it's permanent, untradeable (I don't even know) and has no partner..? I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to be able to put friendship/couple rings in CS storage at all anyway.

    No idea where it came from, I don't recall ever having bought a Snowflake ring either. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: "Friendship Ring: Snowflake" glitch?

    Mine looks exactly the same, except it lists my partner. I might try putting it in storage later, but shop open atm.

  3. Default Re: "Friendship Ring: Snowflake" glitch?

    I've been able to transfer that ring before. I didn't think anything of it... but now that you mention it I guess that's weird.

  4. Default Re: "Friendship Ring: Snowflake" glitch?

    I have a few of these actually. They got messed up from world transfers.

  5. Default Re: "Friendship Ring: Snowflake" glitch?

    Strange. I've not done any world transfers on this account so it can't be that, I guess it's just one less CS inventory space I can use since it doesn't work with anyone xD Was just kinda weird to find it in my storage.

  6. Default Re: "Friendship Ring: Snowflake" glitch?

    You can't put it back in the cash shop? (As far as I know you have unlimited space in the cs, way more than what shows as blank spaces anyway.) If not you can put it over one of your regular rings unless you already have 4 CS rings equiped.

  7. Default Re: "Friendship Ring: Snowflake" glitch?

    When did this ring show up in your inventory exactly?

    I literally just got one with my friend 15 hours ago and it listed my partner / had the effect.

    Also, you can put friendship/couple rings in CS storage. Unless they changed something in a recent patch, I have always been able to for mine.

    Edit: Maybe it became that way during the GAZED server merge. Only plausible reason I can think of.

  8. Default Re: "Friendship Ring: Snowflake" glitch?

    I can, I meant it isn't ever going to expire, and it doesn't really have any use (since it has no couple effect), so it's essentially the same as a wasted slot. Not that it really matters either way since I'm never going to run out of CS storage xD

    I don't remember ever buying one of these rings specifically, I had a friendship ring with someone on my Shadower when I used to play that (which I quit nearly a year ago now) which may have been the Snowflake one, but I actually can't remember at all. Perhaps I put it in my CS storage and then the server merge screwed it up?



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