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    Default Nintendo E3 2013 General

    omgz E3 is almost here, and I can't wait to see what Nintendo will show to us this year!

    ...except this year, Nintendo decided not to do a big presentation this year, and this is their reason.

    Not sure how I feel about this. Always looked forward to that big major conference from Nintendo. :c

    And while their reasons for not doing one this year are quite sound, I wonder if this is a bad move anyway considering Microsoft and Sony coming out with possibly big stuff at their conferences this year.

  2. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    I think there's still hope with that. They can break it up into more focused information instead of, "HERE'S A LOAD OF CRAP YOU DON'T GIVE A pomegranate ABOUT....and 15 seconds of something you do!"

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    Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    I'm with Nintendo in this, We know that most of the "hardcores" players will bash Nintendo no matter what they do and the reporters are going to be eating from MS and Sony, so what's the point of a big E3 show?, they already have Nintendo Directs to show the Software and updates, without the boring stuff that is always introduced in the E3 btw, now they are planning a somewhat closer experience.

    IMHO they should make the demos from E3 be available to WiiU/3DS users over the world, that way you'll increase the effectiveness of this move and you'll get a larger audience that actually appreciate your work.

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    Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    Honestly, it really makes sense for them to do this. It's cheaper for them and E3 has been on a downward trend lately and just hasn't been as exciting as it used to be. Nintendo has been able to drop more bombs lately with the Nintendo Direct anyways.

  5. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General


    Let our games speak for themselves. I swear, nintendo is the only one doing it right.

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    Whatever, we get nintendo dropping bombs every 1~2 months through directs instead of once a year. Much better.

  7. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    Funny thing is: No, they aren't.

    Nintendo is struggling big time, and they're aware of that. I believe Iwata has stated some time recently that if they can't pull it together he'll resign as well. The thing about Nintendo is they have no clue how to make consoles. Games? I'll give them that, but not consoles. They've been suffering since the Gamecube because they're constantly releasing vastly lesser console experiences compared to their competitors. I think the main difference this decade than in the late 80's / early 90's is that Nintendo ACTUALLY has had major competition in the console market. Sony and Microsoft are serious contenders unlike JimBob's Herpderp Super Console of the early-era.

    Wii U isn't selling anywhere near as much as it needs to, and it's going to sell even less once the real next gen comes. It took several years for Nintendo to release a console that ''caught up'' with Sony and Microsoft even THEN it's a vastly lesser experience. They honestly have to continue to take it in the face for several more years before they can release a new product, and that's assuming they'll even want to remain in the console industry at that point. If I were them I would just develop games and ditch the console market entirely. That's the only way to save Nintendo.

    The reason why they're ''letting their games speak for themselves'' is because they're desperately trying to get something in the consumers' hands. Not because ''they're the 'real' guys'', but because their product is ALREADY OUT and it ISN'T selling. What, they're going to go to a large event with their nothing to announce? They couldn't hold themselves at a larger event nowadays even if they WANTED to. They didn't make their decision based on what they personally wanted but by force. They've admitted that they haven't had much to announce, and the things they do announce are spread out too much.

    Let's face it, Nintendo's product JUST came out and eyes have already left it. They're desperate to get SOME attention on them without embarrassing themselves at larger events. This isn't even based on personal opinions, but the fact that they've personally said themselves how they're struggling. Nintendo flat-out washed up onto dry land at this point and they can't save themselves anymore. Sure, they'll release their Mario's and Zelda's, and those will sell relatively well, but meanwhile the other systems sell FAR MORE diverse products, and have more additional services to offer like the PSN which I've always heard was absolutely amazing for great deals and promotions.

    I hope Nintendo becomes the next Sega VERY soon because I still want their games, but the're just hard to look at at this point in the console market. They're constantly embarrassing themselves, and as much as they TRY to market and promote their products - at the end of the day they KNOW they have a bad product to sell. I give them credit for at least trying, but please Nintendo, just step down already.

    Again, if anybody even remotely disagrees, just look at their numbers; look at their statements; look at the many analysts' observations. Things are absolutely grim at Nintendo in terms of console performance and no professional will say otherwise.

  8. Default Nintendo E3 2013 General

    Yeah there's so much they've been doing wrong and now that the nintendo fanboys who aren't still playing smash or zelda or mario are moving to superior products they're doing even worse. They can't establish an instant gold mine like the above because all their talent has dried up with iwata and that's the kind of thing they'll need to do consistently to be able to survive.

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    I have hope for Wii U, but it just isn't solid enough for me at the moment. Give me an Animal Crossing, a Smash Bros, etc. Then we'll talk. Lower the price, also. I know that the controller is expensive, but I can't justify that price point for a controller alone.

    Wii U is literally in the same position as PS Vita right now, minus the promises that a powerful system would bring. PS Vita is even more tragic than the Wii U in my opinion, as its a stellar piece of hardware thats severely lacking in support. I won't use the "no games" argument, but the rate of new releases is still quite poor.

  10. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    You're really naive if you think the Sony/Xbox variants are going to out last nintendo. Nintendo is doing it right because they are making games, and consoles with innovation, you know what their competition is? Poor man's PC. If you want to talk about any professionals, they all point to one thing. Those two giants falling to PC because companies are focusing more on PC gaming, hell they sell for $10-20 cheaper digitally. You know who isn't mentioned? Nintendo, because they have games which cannot be duplicated on a PC. With motion censors, tablet capabilities, and all sorts of gimmicks (See monsterhunter) that intertwine all of their systems, those decisions are what make them a unique entertainment system.

    I'm not even going to confront the 3ds, unless you want to mention to me another portable gaming system besides the PSP, which is non-existent.

  11. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    Urm. Ok. But (barring assassins creed games) the type of games I would like to play aren't on PS3/360, and probably won't be on PS4 or 720 either. It's all well and good if you want to go all out on shooters, but I could not care any less about virtually that entire genre.

    You're going to have to explain to me what you mean by the talent has dried up too.

    Because nintendo's output seems far from "talentless" to me, but what do I know.

    At the very worst, Nintendo will only make a decent profit this gen, as opposed to gangbusters last gen. Because, yeah, Nintendo made a profit last year despite trouble getting wii u off the ground.

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    Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    A fan of Pachter, I see.

    Although, can you really say that Nintendo is struggling as a whole when 3DS numbers have been coming out strong lately?

  13. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    This is the only part of your post I don't agree with. Monster Hunter was on PSP and PS2 long before it was on 3DS, Wii, Wii U. It's also on PC with Monster Hunter Frontier and the recently announced Monster Hunter Online (Chinese game by Tencent, questionable at the moment).

    It's rumored that Nintendo worked a deal to get MH for at least the next five years, which, if true, was extremely smart on their part because of how popular Monster Hunter is. It also means PS4 won't be getting it, which will make for some delicious rage (people get so upset over it not being on PS3, it's funny).

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    I have to agree with KhainiWest here. There's not much attraction to the XBox or Playstation consoles, really. 95% of the content you can get on those systems, you can get on the PC as well, for likely cheaper. Those consoles, to me, only scream "higher graphics, stronger hardware." There's not as much focus on a unique play style that would set it apart from the PC gaming situation. Nintendo, however, is completely different. They set their own standard.

    The reason Nintendo is hurting at all right now is because, in the west, all people want is higher graphics, more power. They don't really aim so much toward unique play styles. It's really killing the gaming industry as a whole, really. People like the creators of the Unreal engine... They flat out laughed at Nintendo's Wii U and said they wouldn't support the Wii U for the Unreal Engine 4 for future games, even though it's well within the scope of the engine. They said it's because they don't consider the Wii U a "real next generation console," which is f'ucking bullsh'it. Why do they think that way? Because of the fact that Nintendo ISN'T going for the most high-graphics supporting technology to date. This is a major reason third parties don't want to support Nintendo. They just see the company as a joke, because their consoles don't have the lead in hardware.

    The entire gaming industry in the west is following these same ideas. It's infuriating to see the industry go this way. People who say Nintendo is going to fail are just blind to the truth. Nintendo is the only one capable of holding their own at this point. While the others just clamor to their higher graphics, more power, Nintendo is setting their own standard, reaching to a broader audience. I don't see Nintendo going anywhere for a long time.


    Back to the main point of the thread : This isn't that surprising to me. With all of the news from the Nintendo Directs this year, I wasn't expecting anything major to be announced at E3, because they seem to be doing their major release information distribution on their own terms.

  15. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    I was aware of the PS2/PSP but the point I was stressing is that they took it a step further and allowed the controller to be a separate device to play it on. I do see your point though and I'll digress, but that's my clarification.



    -albeit this post

  16. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    It is not like Nintendo must choose between innovation and decent hard- and software. It certainly does not justifies that they are pretty much one generation behind the competition.
    If Nintendo wants their reputation to get back up, they'll need to bring the best of both worlds. Kind of like they did during the NES, SNES and to some extent the N64 era.
    They do not need to beat Sony or Microsoft in specs, and would never be able to, but they need not be so far behind.

    The level of innovation and the quality of the Nintendo brand games are not all that fantastic these days either.

  17. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    I'd say you were right if 3rd parties weren't all falling over themselves with ridiculous things happening, like Tomb raider not being profitable at ~3.5m sales. And then there's all those studios going out of business because games have gotten so expensive.

    Eventually, something, somewhere has got to give. Especially if the costs get another huge jump to ps4/720 for increasingly diminished returns with each generation.

  18. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General

    I do have to agree with this in some regard. I don't really care that the specs are lower, but I do care that their network and overall home screen system is terrible. I get that it's their first attempt, but the PSN and XBL systems have been around for years, and I don't remember them having half the issues the NN does.

    For example, if I'm online in a game I can't touch the Home Screen at all. I can't check my friends list, I can't send messages, I can't even open it. I've always been able to do that on the PSN. Not only that, why am I forced to go through Miiverse to send friends messages? It's silly. Their hardware's firmware/operating system is so horribly outdated, it hurts the overall experience. I'm sorry to say I would not have gotten a Wii U if it wasn't for Monster Hunter at this time. I don't think I would recommend it to non-MH fans either. There's too many flaws with the NN and operating system that need to be fixed, and it doesn't seem like they are trying to do anything about it. Fixing Loading Time is not remotely close to what they need to do to overall improve the experience.

    Their game software is superb, but their hardware's software is pathetic, borderline unusable in some situations. We shouldn't be happy that Nintendo has FINALLY adopted the patching concept when it has been around on other systems for about 5 years, if not more. I couldn't care less that their hardware isn't top grade, the newest crap, etc. I care that their hardware's software is pomegranate.

  19. Default Re: Nintendo E3 2013 General


    That's how I always exited the game when playing with you in online mode on Monster Hunter. I always close games that way. Home Menu -> Close Software. I've even checked Miiverse while you were away at some points. Everything on the screen you get when you press the Home button should be accessible. They are for me, anyway.



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