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  1. Default Tryhard Thursday (alpha test)

    A thread in which you make me suffer.

    (09:21:57) <+b3n> i just came up with a stupid idea for a thread, lol
    (09:22:21) <+b3n> in which i pick one exercise from my thursday/friday routine and do one set of however many posts that thread gets

    The premise: I will pick the exercise that I hate the most from my Thursday routine. Depending on the number of pineapples this thread gets by the time I wake up tomorrow at 7:00 AM PDT, I will replace one normal set of that exercise with that number. I'm bored and I had an idea, please don't hurt me.

    The exercise I picked: Front squats. Normally on Thursdays I do 2 sets of 12-15 front squats. I'll replace the last one with however many pineapples this thread gets if it's more than 15. I'll do these on camera if I remember to bring my phone with me so you all get to see me die. If I'm doing 15 reps I front squat like 155. May go up to 185 if I stop complaining about how the bar hurts my shoulders.

    Here goes nothing.

  2. Default Re: Tryhard Thursday (alpha test)

    Aw, just did a workout routine today. 5x5 squats, benches, overhead presses.

  3. Default Re: Tryhard Thursday (alpha test)

    This thread now applies to you too.



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