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Thread: Good morning.

  1. Default Good morning.

    It's kind of hard to believe that it's been nearly 3 years since my last forum post.

    I honestly have no idea why this place popped into my mind a few days ago, but I realized I was actually really curious about what this place and Maplestory had become, so I started lurking again. And since I'm here anyway, I guess I ought to announce my presence.

    You all have 24 hours to convince me to stay.

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    I missed you and love you!

    Also, if you're here because you're interested in getting back into MapleStory now is a perfect time to do so because a lot of Southperrians are currently playing on the Renegades server.

    You can check out that thread here.

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    ^_^ HI RUSST! I think you should stay because

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    Three years? Dear lord time goes by so quickly.

    Be cool. Stay in school.

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    Reason why is because you haven't gotten a free signature and avatar done by Da Vinci here in Southperry.



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