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    Default Dragonic Lapis Renewal Recipe (Katana)

    Has anyone found one of these recipes yet? or have seen it in the Monster Book?

    The Katana in question is the upgrade to the Lapis Renewal, the 105 Katana that gives Critical Rate and Instant Kill.


  2. Default Re: Dragonic Lapis Renewal Recipe (Katana)

    These are probably the Dragon Rider PQ items. I remember seeing a Dagger on that list and thought about getting one but I decided not to since it would be hard to get. I believe all level 105 items come for Dragon Rider.

  3. Default Re: Dragonic Lapis Renewal Recipe (Katana)

    Trawl through the Future Henesys monster book... should be able to find in there. Same for ToT and/or Leafre (mind the level difference).




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