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  1. Default Unable to run Maplestory

    My computer specs are as follows:


    Mobo: P8Z77-v-pro

    16gb ram (DDR3)

    Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD



    I have tried logging into the maplestory website (global), however, after downloading the installer and installing pando media booster, the download does not start at all. So, I downloaded through the workaround files here. I followed the instructions (added to same folder, ran the appropriate file) and successfully installed the game. However, I encounter the following errors when I try to run the game:

    1) Running through Chrome: Error code 11004, Maplestory not run at all. 2) Running through internet explorer: Can select server, when I choose a channel, instantly crashes with no error messages. 3) Running through gamelauncher.exe: I see the in-client log in window, and enter my email/pw. However, clicking the login button does nothing, and after the while, the game crashes with the message 'you have been disconnected from the login server'.

    Extra information:

    1) I am running a dual-monitor set up. I have had some problems running other games in the past because of this reason.

    2) I am using a university internet connection. Some websites do not load, others are slow (throttled). I am not well-versed in internet literature, but if I had to guess, the problem lies somewhere here.

    Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    My OS is Win 7 Pro.

  2. Default Re: Unable to run Maplestory

    More than likely it is the uni-internet. They may not block some websites but they probably block the nexon servers.

  3. Default Re: Unable to run Maplestory

    Hmm. Should I have a talk with the uni network admins or something?

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    Either talk to the network admins to verify or try some proxy to see if you can connect to the game servers. I've had some trouble setting up my VPN via the college's internet connection, though, so the most painless way seems to be just shoot them an email.



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