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    I don't think about these things! I don't even know if I'm getting married or having kids, let alone death.

    It's too dependent on the state of MapleStory. If MapleStory goes down and there's no plan B then Southperry's future isn't very bright. Then again I have the "Other Games" section completely blocked so I wouldn't know how active they are. The General Gaming section doesn't get too much activity in comparison to the general maple boards though.

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    Where was the last place you travelled to overseas?

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    Japan. Within the country was Florida.

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    How did Paul approach you about taking his place?

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    How long before Paul said he was stepping down and you would replace him did he contact you?

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    How long do you plan on being our extractor?

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    He PMed me and then we talked on Skype.

    About 2 months or so.

    I don't know actually. However long until I get bored though I figure since Fiel did it for 5 or so years then I could probably try to do it for a while. I like extending functionality so it isn't too bad despite not playing Maple.

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    Lock, do you see yourself as being a research academic or are you planning on working for a company after you finish your PhD program.

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    I feel as if the longer I do research the more I dislike it. I'm already grateful for having a job at the hospital currently and I seem to enjoy it more than my previous full time research academic.

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    Is it true that most of your research work is primarily assisting a professor out on running experiments? Also are you able to attain a PhD without engaging in your own thesis? Can you use your professor's own thesis and branch off a little bit in doing something related or is that completely unnecessary in order to get the degree.

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    Not really. Nothing stops you from doing your own independent research during your research stage.

    I don't think I've seen or heard someone obtain a PhD without engaging in some form of dissertation.

    I don't know how other degrees do academia since I only have primary experience in the field of the "hard sciences" as they're called. However there is nothing stopping you from furthering the research of your professor or any of your peers that is already published. Without this aspect I'm not sure how the research field would strive as it is now.

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    What do you fundamentally enjoy about the type of work you do in the hospital? And on the flip side, what is it that you fundamentally dislike about the research you've been doing in school?

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    This one is a nice one to answer because it answers both of them. The fundamental thing I enjoy about being in the hospital is the change of scenery and the people around me while I work there. I always assumed that being in the hospital would be the kind of place where everyone's sick and the doctors and nurses in the building would be depressed or something from being around these people all day experiencing death and illness. However it's pretty far from the truth because the people I work with are generally happy people and they're fun to be around, the patients are nice most of the time and there doesn't seem to be much hostility throughout most of the day. On the flip side, the opposite is true for being in Academia. A lot of people there try to screw you over, especially professors, the work is very daunting and long and feels as if there's no long term reward and it's very frustrating to be around. The atmosphere there feels a lot more stressful to me and I can't wait to finish.



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