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  1. Default Getting a Wii U: Take 2

    Hello, A Month or two again I was contemplating getting a Wii U and I asked the opinions of Southperry.

    Anyway I heard that pikmin 3 was being push backed to august or something. So im wondering if I still wanna go through with it. As of now they are zero wii U games that I would want to try that I could do by myself. I was already planning on getting some party games.

    I was thinking maybe monster hunter but from the videos the game seems like its just boss battles and no exploration. I like exploration. I am also not a fan of rehashed games. I.E. Wind walker HD.

    Luigi's Mansion was actually my first game on GameCube so it would be kinda funny if it was the same for Wii U. But honestly im still skeptically about no option for a standard controller (they really need to change that but im still stuck in GameCube era anyway.)

    So is their any game with a good single player that I could get with the Wii U? And does anyone thing nintendo will focus more on the wii U and less on the 3DS? sorry I know a lot of you guys like hand helds but I don't anymore.

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    No point in getting a Wii U now until they get some more vidya. Might be a while but as it is now there aren't too many interesting games, at least for me.

    There's a list here though that you can see if anything entertains you.

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    Yeah that's what I was noticing. I don't want any mario or zelda. Those seem to be getting rehashed a little too much. I would like a game that has exploration and using the game pad screen for more than a map or inventory bad. Though I haven't seen any being talked about good use of the touch screen. It would also be nice to know the life of the touch pad. I have this feeling its only of those things that break in 2 years just from use.

    I think i'll check out the list and continue with some forums. It really is disappointing that they don't have any killer exclusives now.

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    The time to decide wether you get a Wii U or not is after E3. Most of their proyects for the console, to be released this year should be presented there.

    It is funny how Nintendo and Sony are in the exact same scenario but with opposite consoles. 3DS and PS3, vita and Wii U.

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    thanks. when is the next E3?

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    June 11th-13th.



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