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  1. Default Gamelauncher doesn't like my password anymore

    so i downloaded MS on another computer and used the gamelauncher, but it keeps saying "that password is invalid, please check your password and try again".

    i have a notepad of some passwords, so i think this is just the word wrap being stupid, NOPE
    i can copy + paste the password fine on steam and the game website.

    is this a problem with the character limit on the login screen? i use the absolute maximum amount of characters and there are NO special characters just a mix of words, letters, numbers


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    Default Re: Gamelauncher doesn't like my password anymore

    I had this happen to me once. I tried all sorts of solutions, like changing the email address associated with my account and then changing my password (old email didn't exist so I had to do that one first). Neither of those worked until I used the email address in place of my ID and then used the new password.

    I'm not sure if you have the exact same issue though, since mine only occurred after I had refused the game's suggestions of changing my password for several years.

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    Default Re: Gamelauncher doesn't like my password anymore

    just be sure you arent copying any endl over, as those count as a character in password copy/pasting

  4. Default Re: Gamelauncher doesn't like my password anymore

    i change my password quite regularly, if every 2 weeks is regular. i JUST started using gamelauncher instead of steam on another computer.

    i've made sure this is not the problem, word wrap was not on after i first saw the prompt.



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