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  1. Default Continuing my Beran NL or starting somewhere new.

    I've had my NL in Bera for the better part of seven years or so now (though I've never managed to reach 200 on it), though my desire to play it is definitely starting to wane due to the massive funding necessary to be competitive. On that same tact is the Beran community being lacking for what I look for in people with whom I like to play--most of my friends have quit or moved on.

    I'm considering starting a new character in Khaini (birds of a feather flock together, etc.). With the anniversary events nearing, I think it could be a good time to get a new character in bossing range with the prospect of upgrading equipment during this coming month. @Takebacker, @Razmos, and @KhainiWest: How is the free market and community in Khaini? I saw another thread where it was skimmed over a bit, but how reasonable is acquiring funds and finding friends for a new player? Any advice you (or any other Khaini players here) can provide will be greatly appreciated. :)

    Now, when I say my desire to play is starting to wane, I mostly direct that towards my Night Lord. I'm unaware as to if they receive any kind of boosts to enhance survivability in coming patches, but it seems as though my only option to really push this character forward is to pull together an immense amount of funding that, from my perspective at least, would go much further on several of the more recently-added classes (such as Hayato or the revamped Dual Blades).

    If anyone can give me some suggestions for starting in a new world and getting a foothold, I'd greatly appreciate it. Admittedly, I've not remained current on quests and other things that allow players to get a bit of funding through the early levels.

    Should anyone want me to post the stats of my NL for the purpose of helping me shape him up a bit, that'd also be appreciated, though I'm omitting it for the time being under the pretense that I really feel pretty bored with 'im.

  2. Default Re: Continuing my Beran NL or starting somewhere new.

    Concerning the NL and motivation
    Personally, I'd say no. I hate what the class revamps did to the NLs after maining one up until then, and I find them really boring and ugly now. They have no upcoming revamp announced either.
    I am curious what the revamped Night Walker will bring to the table, I currently main a DB, but would probably drop it for a NW if it is the NL done right so to speak.

    The biggest problem this game has now, as you say, is funding if you want to compare to the "elite". It costs so friggin much that I have troubles justifying doing anything in Maple anymore. Either you throw dollars at the game or you spend so much time getting mesos and converting them that it becomes a part time job instead of a game.

    Concerning Khaini
    It is a decent size, quite ideal actually. Lots of people on prime time or after big patches, always free maps when not. Finding new people aint easy, ever since they killed off PQs as a viable option you just don't interact enough with strangers to find the few gems.

    The top layer of competitive players are just like on every other server I imagine. We have the same collection of exploiting scum running the FM and the same pretenders who hack their asses off when they get the chance, but still upholding claims of legitimacy. We also have some nice people who still play the way it is intended to, or not at all. We are getting scares though.
    If you want to find a nice guild that should not be much of a problem, but if you care about playing without exploits and elitism it will not be one of the self proclaimed top notch guilds. Again, it is probably the same in all servers at this point.

    I would gladly invite you to NEST if you pick Khaini, but we are just a handful of adult casuals at this point and that might not be what you are looking for. We do have a few SP members, such as myself, @Razmos; and @Doxinator;.

    I could give you a few millions to help you out when starting in Khaini if you need it, regardless of where you end up.
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  3. Default Re: Continuing my Beran NL or starting somewhere new.

    Well...the free market as far as wares is concerned gets a 7/10, and the community is the same anywhere else, but the free market's community is filthy. Stay away.



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