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  1. Default Changing account info

    is it not possible to change account info on nexon's website? a couple of my accounts were hacked while i was inactive and i'm unable to update any info on them. i just get this whenever i click on anything :

  2. Default Re: Changing account info

    Why not just verify it? It is probably one of those cases where the account is suspended because of suspicious logins and need to be verified to be activated. I might be wrong though.

  3. Default Re: Changing account info

    Just follow the link in the email, if I recall correctly, you do not need to link your Facebook account and the link leads you to an account update page somewhere along the line.

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    my other account that was hacked made me verify because of this, and i changed my password on that one through that (turns out it was banned for advertising anyway so i guess it doesn't matter). i didn't get the prompt on my main account.



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