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  1. Default [KMST 1.2.476] New Areas

    In case anyone missed it, here are some videos of the new area included in the recent KMST patch:

    Faded Citadel

    Colossus the Giant
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    On CWK: Well, those have to be the best looking regular mobs in this game. (regarding CWPQ bosses)

    And why is it that everything is connected to ElNath??

    Inb4 the black mage lives in the deepest of the dead valley.

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    Don't really like the fact that they just took cwkpq bosses and stuffed them all together but it's okay I guess.

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    They just ruined CWK.
    It looks so wierd, no action on this map... no PQ, no real bosses, and no storyline.

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    I think it's more than assumed that the area is not finished, so maybe not ruined yet!

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    Default Re: [KMST 1.2.476] New Areas

    I'm kinda being hopeful about this.

    Maybe, just maybe, since kms is getting cwk-like things, that they'll update CWKPQ and make it a bit more of a challenge. Even something similar to the challenges in found in GPQ would be nice.

    Please. I'd like a party quest that takes some thinking more so than damage.

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    Default Re: [KMST 1.2.476] New Areas

    The maps still suck

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    when has nexon ever even finished an area that was incomplete a pon release??? looking at you Ruined NLC.

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    The PQ is always broken, the storyline was wiped out after the alien attack update, only 3 or 4 maps out of like 15 are trainable at. I'll give it to you about the bosses, it really is a waste to make them mobs and trash the concept of a multi-boss fight in which they all support each other. For everything else, please explain how it is worse now than it already is.
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    I really wish I could have hope in this, I really do. I just don't see how KMS could restore CWK to it's former glory by making it a theme dungeon with such linear maps.

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    Well, as sad as it may seem, it's already better than what we currently have.



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