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    Default Ferret = Poodle?

    This will brighten up your day.

    Found this thanks to Twogag.

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    Default Re: Ferret = Poodle?

    Lol it's amazing how oblivious some people are...

  3. Default Re: Ferret = Poodle?




  4. Default Re: Ferret = Poodle?

    To be fair, if you have never seen a ferret in your life. Then distinguishing a poodle from a ferret in steroids sporting an afro might be a little hard.

    No such excuses for the guy that bought a "Brazilian rat" thinking it was a chihuahua. *points a news interview video*


  5. Default Re: Ferret = Poodle?

    I don't get it, how he got scammed? Ferrert>Ra... I mean dog.

  6. Default Re: Ferret = Poodle?

    I think he brought it upon himself unless he's visually-impaired. Maybe it's just me but a ferret has features that no poodle would have such as long rat-like snout.

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    I'd have a chinchilla anytime




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