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    I'm getting quite frustrated right now because I want to make a Dragonic Crescent, but Evo world doesn't drop them (only Crescent Polearm) and I have yet to farm a recipe from mobs like Dark Cornians and Nest Golems.

    Has anyone found such a recipe yet? Also, could someone check for me if any of the Future Henesys mobs drop this recipe? Cheers.


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    According to MapleArchive:

    Dragonic Crescent Recipe
    Dropped By: None.
    Category: Recipe
    Stack Size: 100
    NPC Price: 1 meso(s)
    A recipe for the Dragonic Crescent.
    Type: Smithing
    Skill Level: 10
    Mastery Increase: 200 (varies)
    Fatigue Increase: 5
    Recipe Required: Yes
    Crescent Shining Rod x 1
    Lidium x 5
    Superior Item Crystal x 16
    Philosopher's Stone x 5
    Superior Abrasive x 3
    Dragonic Crescent x 1 (100%)

    I have no idea how up to date this is...

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    Not up to date. Monster book shows Dark Cornians etc., but I need more data, and if anyone has managed to loot such a recipe.


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    Here you go.

    I've never seen a Dragonic recipe drop from these mobs, to be honest.

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    !! That wasn't there the last time I check. God I be damned. You have my thanks.




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