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  1. Default New 3DS XL, but what games to play?

    I just managed to snag a practically brand new 3DS XL from this guy off of CL and I'll be picking it up tomorrow, but I honestly don't know what games to get for it. I've been poring over "Top 3DS games" lists for like two weeks now, and lurking on forums, but now I'm asking you guys for your opinions.

    I will list some of the DS (and GBA) games and series that I liked, and continue to play:
    Final Fantasy Tactics A2
    Advance Wars
    Luminous Arc
    Golden Sun
    Mario & Luigi
    The Legend of Zelda
    The World Ends With You
    Guilty Gear

    I recently started playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, and at about the one hour mark, I'm finding myself to be not very entertained with the gameplay, but the story is compelling. Does the gameplay pick up later? Also, is the new Fire Emblem: Awakening more engaging? If so, I might give it a shot.

    I guess... I like RPGs the most. Or anything with RPG elements, really. If you guys could give me any suggestions, I would REALLY appreciate it!

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    Obligatory Tales of the Abyss comment goes here. What I love about the game is that the plot is actually deep and something worth contemplating long after you've finished playing it, pretty much every main character gets a good amount of development and the villains mostly get a satisfactory ending, there's lots of short segments known as skits that touch either on plot details, expand on a particular scene or exist simply to provide some extra amusement, the battles can actually get pretty challenging if you don't know what you're doing, there's a fairly high amount of sub-quests to do and last but not least:

    It has Jade Curtiss. I would spend a few more paragraphs telling you about the awesome that is Jade Curtiss but I'm not terribly fond of explaining things either so I'll let you decide it by showing you this video:

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    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is by far the worst (English translated) fire emblem game in the series, period. It's a port of the original NES game, and it really, really shows. When you get your 3DS, there is a demo of awakening on the eShop, so you'll be able to give it a try before you buy, but I feel fairly confident to say it's miles better than Shadow Dragon.

    RPGs aren't too common...yet. Tales of The Abyss, Fire Emblem, and the 3DS Shin Megami Tensei games seem a good place to start though.

    Then there are a few on the eShop: Denpa Men is a decent RPG and I hear good things about Crimson Shroud too.

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