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  1. Default Silent crusade codex set

    Is this set impossible to finish for new chars now? I mean coco card has been gone for ages, and the so called "fix" just made it drop after you kill it, yet you get teleported out and theres no time to loot.

    Did they remove pixiemom, queen pepe, toy black knight & coco totally from the game or can you obtain it from something else than the old gates?

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    Default Re: Silent crusade codex set

    Nope, all the ones you listed are now impossible to get.

  3. Default Re: Silent crusade codex set

    Nope, and what sucks is the cards display the data for the old bosses instead of the new ones.
    I don't get why Nexon's taking so long to fix it. Just do what they did for Prime Minister -_-

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    Default Re: Silent crusade codex set

    Luckily the Leafre set is better than the silent crusade one anyways (especially post-unlimited) so you may as well focus on getting that one instead.

  5. Default Re: Silent crusade codex set

    Wasnt really going for the set bonus, rather the extra stat on my codex. I really dont understand why new mob cards are added when new areas are released, like pantheon. Leafre set seems a bit overpowered for the mobs you need to kill, ht is not hard for anyone anymore, back when this content was released, not everyone could kill it.

    They should just do a total revamp of the sets, like empress one is just terrible for anyone who doesnt have 100% PDR.

    Got one more question about this codex however.

    Can you obtain ht card without having to wait for the kill time or having 10-12+ people inside?
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    Default Re: Silent crusade codex set

    You must wait the half hour for HT to drop anything, including its card, unless there are 5 (? not 100% on that) people alive in the cave.
    10-12+ people is for CHT, and it won't drop anything if they're not there even after two hours.

  7. Default Re: Silent crusade codex set

    We need to wait for JapanMS to update it, which they haven't done for a long time, so Nexon America can copy paste it.

  8. Default Re: Silent crusade codex set

    Im just sad they basically disabled it and now I don't have it selected for the PDR and 1% stat :( Not able to get the HT card T.T



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