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  1. Default Does Noble Mind require 4th job advancement?

    Does it require 4th job advancement for Cygnus Knights if I want to level up Noble Mind skill?

    I know it's not a good question but for some reason, I checked Nineheart and he didn't give me a Temple of Time quest. I didn't do my job advancement but I'm just wondering if it's required.

    Thanks in advance :)

    EDIT: For some reason, I don't see a quest that is supposed to appear on the top of my head after I completed the Jade quest at El Nath. It's the quest that you start to get a Black Scale. Normally I saw a video and threads saying that it's on the bulb of the screen but I don't see that quest for some reason.

  2. Default Re: Does Noble Mind require 4th job advancement?

    you gotta do all the quests man, up to and including the stuff you do to create an ultimate adventurer

  3. Default Re: Does Noble Mind require 4th job advancement?

    No you don't. I don't have a single UA on any account. I have never, ever hunted for Dews or any other similar items. I do have 5 CKs with maxed out Noble Mind. You do have to finish the '4th job' stuff, though.

    This quest has been bugged for about a year now. Some people get it to pop up while others don't. CKs I created before the Arkarium stuff was added were all able to get the Noble Mind quests. Anything I have created since has been spotty.



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