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    Default Next JMS Anime tie up

    Oh look its Steins;Gate

    Sure, I don't play it anymore, but I still follow it on an occasional basis.

    Inb4 Dr. Pepper pots and Kurisu/Mayuri Hats..

  2. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    Oh god why can't things like this happen in GMS? I would be throwing money at the screen if they incorporated some promotion for steins gate here.

  3. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    I hope to pineappleing hell this isn't an excuse to not give us Hypers with this patch.

    I will break something.

  4. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    It doesn't happen in GMS because nobody gives a rat's ass about it. This kind of thing is likely to only appeal to 5-10% of the user base. If they do things like this in GMS, it would have to be tie-ins with US based culture. If Maple did a Star Wars promotion, they'd get a large return on the licensing investment. It's not likely they would even recoup their license cost if they did Steins Gate in GMS.

  5. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    All I ask for is that other versions will someday have cash outfits and styles that resemble something from Gintama or Dragon Quest, amen.
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  6. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    I don't even think there has ever been a Dragon Quest promotion in JMS....which now that I think of it is kind of surprising considering how insanely popular Dragon Quest is in Japan.

  7. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    My point exactly. How the ever living PINEAPPLE is there not a promotion of either of these considering their insane popularity!? I don't think money would be an issue either seeing that both Madoka and Steins;Gate appear to be pretty popular and I'm sure either franchise would bring in a lot of money.

    Also, Sadaharu pet/mount. GET ON IT JMS.

  8. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    well mabinogi na is having a vocaloid x mabi collab...

    nexon should release special androids with every collab... even if they're kinda useless... they would be more attractive... having idk... any k-on, madoka, fma or now stein;gates character following you(if they have some voice data would be nice too)

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    Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    Well it's good that jMS is helping the animes of Japan.
    I'm pretty sure if gMS had the same thing, we would have like... Regular Show or Adventure Time promos.

  10. Helium Atom Straight Male
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    Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    It's a shame that this will most likely never come to NA. Though I guess since Mabi was able to get the vocaloid crossover, there is some hope.

  11. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    Those would make money.

  12. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

  13. I post a lot Bi Male
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    Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    Considering this is Maplestory, perhaps the TUTURU Cube will finally become a reality.

    I'm really hoping some of the crossover stuff in JMS makes it over to GMS. I mean I already have the Full Metal Alchemist arm on my Bucc. Give us Madoka hairstyles and the Homura weapon plz.

  14. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    I would love an Adventure Time promotion. if Jake/Cake or a rainicorn(spelling?) pet was released here, I'd SO have to get one.
    L>@Girasol; to (help) make this happen.

  15. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    fksjhjhksdfl I would LOVE this.

  16. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    And if that were the case, that silly KMS pet mechanic of "getting big" would actually make sense for Jake/Cake.

  17. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    And Dragon Quest must have some space, like Toriko, Dragon Ball or Naruto

    And why not Bleach or Gintama?

    ALso, Katsura hair and Takasugi robe, I WANT IT

  18. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    I would in fact love it if Zura's hair was available for both genders. Oh, imagine all the jokes one could make with it. As for Bleach Rukia's hair at least is available.

  19. Default Re: Next JMS Anime tie up

    I remember looking up why Nintendo wouldn't translate the Jump Super/Ultimate stars for the DS and it was due to licensing rights for each owned title. Do you think it would be difficult for Nexon America to ask and obtain the licensing rights for those said animes and shows? I know it's pretty easy for JMS to do it because most of the stuff are owned all by the same company. Correct me if I'm wrong if it's easier to obtain licensing rights for a franchise or product over there than it is in the US.

    I wouldn't mind if they had more interesting/anime hats and outfits.



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