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    I've been doing some theorycrafting and have a few questions about Joker items.

    1) Can they count for more than one set at a time?
    2) Will they count for a set even if the set doesn't have an item for that slot?
    3) Are there other limitations on which sets they may apply to?

    I realize that this question may only be answered accurately by KMS players but on the off-chance that one of you plays KMS and knows, I would appreciate these clarifications. Thank you.

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    Number 2 is definitely no. If the set doesn't have a hat and you put on a Joker hat, it doesn't work.


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    1. No
    2. No
    3. The joker item will count on one set and one set only. This is based on the Set ID number, so I think it means that the oldest set takes precedence, but it could also be the youngest.

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    1. No, it works for only one set.
    2. Obviously not.
    3. It it counts for the set with the highest set ID I believe



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