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Thread: Max Mesos?

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    I tried looking it up but they only told me the KMS increase, so what exactly is the max meso you can hold now in GMS?

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    2,147,483,647 per character/storage.

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    The exact value is 2,147,483,647 mesos.

    EDIT: Dem ninjas.

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    Has to do with how the game is programmed.

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    So it never changed? that's how its always been

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    Yes. However they just recently changed it to 10b (?) in KMS.

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    To be more specific, in KMS it's 9,999,999,999, which is essentially 10b mesos.

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    Math time:

    2 ^ 32 = double of what max meso is now, which is a bit over 4.2b

    This means they changed data types, likely to a signed 64-bit integer. The maximum positive value of this is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807. That means they could increase max meso to whatever they wanted and it would still be fine.

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    would that possibly mean that anyone running a 32 bit system with non 64 bit compatible hardware not be able to play the game?

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    It just means the compiler generates code that lets the program do 64-bit arithmetic on 32-bit hardware.

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    64-bit mathematics are possible on 32-bit machines. The 32-bit compiler will just use two registers instead of one and do some funky math on both registers. It takes up more processing time and is more complicated, but it's possible to do.

    The issue is when people compile for 64-bit machines. The assembly used is entirely different because the compiler assumes a 64-bit wide architecture which a 32-bit wide architecture does not have. This is entirely different from bitwise mathematics.

    In short: 64-bit mathematics != 64-bit architecture.

    I'm going on a limb here. Someone tell me if I'm wrong. X_X



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