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  1. Question Innocence Scroll cannot be used

    So... somehow the 6th star on my Tyrant Lycaon Boots added no attack, I decided to try and find an Innocence Scroll to reset it to average and start over, but upon trying to use the Innocence Scroll I get this message:

    Am I screwed? I've used Perfect Innocence Scrolls before (the NX ones) and I had no issues, and have used a 60% (I think) Innocence Scroll before and it worked fine, and I tried searching around for this error text and haven't found anyone with the same problem. I'm gonna be pretty annoyed if I've lost out on the attack and have no way of getting it back without getting a brand new shoe and starting over from scratch ._.

    Here are the stats on the item if it makes a difference, it has a shield/guardian scroll and a lucky day, perhaps those are affecting it? I don't really want to throw another scroll on it to get rid of those effects but I guess if no one has any information I'll give it a try.

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    @Mazz; Equips with nebulites can't be NX innocence'd. I believe you can use the non-nx type on it though. (The white and purple scroll)

    EDIT: awk, i guess you were trying to use the white and purple scroll. In that case, I have no idea what could be going on. Sorry for the confusion.

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    NX Innocence Scrolls aren't in the cash shop, and I used a Perfect Innocence on my Pirate top/pants before I rescrolled them, both of which had Nebulites on them and it worked. I was using the white/purple 40% innocence scroll in the screenshot, it's the 2nd to last item in my use inventory.

    The Nebulite thing hasn't been an issue for months (unless for some reason its different for Superior items..?), they just never updated the website to reflect it.

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    Pretty sure it's either due to the Lucky Day + Shield/Guardian scroll OR because originally innocence scrolls weren't supposed to be able to be used on items with nebs on them. Maybe nexon programmed the philobook innocence scrolls to actualy not work on items with a neb. However, I remember people saying the 9k innocence scrolls from the cs work even if theres a neb/neb socket on them.
    "It cannot be used on Nebulite-infused items."

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    It's definitely not the Nebulite that's causing it. I used a couple Innocence Scrolls on some things that I got during that Happy Time event or whatever it was and they all worked fine.

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    it most likley cause by the lucky day scroll... cuz it protection isnt going to be reset by that innocence scroll

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    I would think it's the shield scroll causing the problem.

    Resetting stats + saving a slot sounds like it could be abused.

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    Did some science, it was the Guardian Scroll.



    It failed, but it let me use the scroll at least. ;_;



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