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Thread: Decent skills

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    Lately I've been trying to get decent CO, SE and HB. Should the items be lvl 120 or more to get them? or should I go with the 100% tier upgrade from RA?
    it's been bugging me all this time and I just want to have it clear. Thanks :)

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    The ones that are based on 4th job skills all require 120+.

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    Of the three only decent SE has to be obtained from a level 120+ glove (See above too if you had Decent AB or SI in mind).

    Post Unlimited additional options may help you to get it on a lower level item as some items may come with increased levels but I wouldn't count on it.

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    edit: nvm on quote

    In most cases, if you want those decent skills, best to just slap a neb on them, cheaper than paying $100+ just to cube for one (of course this varies based on luck).
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    CO is from level 70+ boots, not 120+ helms. You might be thinking of AB.

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    I fixed that when I hit the reply button, and yes I know.

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    CO and HB are both 70+; SE is 120+.

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    The only skill you can get with 100% pot upgrade is CO and haste.

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    HB and Door beg to differ. SE, Adv Bless, and SI are technically possible too, but at an extremely rare rate.

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    Wow there's a lot of bad information in this thread.

    AB, SI, SE are 120+
    HB, CO, Haste, Door are 70+

    HB and CO are excellent candidates for 100% upgrade RA equips. I'm still trying to find a pair of Archer shoes for CO.

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    Oh i'm sorry, i meant useful/available to all classes. The rest aren't even feasible to buy.

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    It's possible to get 120+ equips with 100% pot tier upgrade from RA boxes, which might be what Aggravate meant.

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    I know what he meant. I knew that was possible too. My point was that you're either going to be farming for long enough for it to not be viable, or pay more than would be logical. Either way, the only skills you're going to get is CO or haste, or hb if you're one of 2 classes that doesn't have a tradeable bottom cubed with it already.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! I'm aiming for CO, HB(which I'll get from 100%top tier shoes and overall from RA) and SE, those I'll get from fusing VL gloves and praying I get an unique par :(

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    HB can only be found on Bottoms/Pants.

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    I didn't know that, that's so unfair :/ screw female buccs yay

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    Actually, you can get the nebulite onto your overall.

    The proof of that is in the nebulite description itself if you read it.
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    I know but uh... those are quite expensive :/
    Do you know if I can get decent HB on tops? I have a HT t-shirt lying around my inv

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    woooa, i don't remember that, at all.

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    It's as she says, you're going to have to rely on the nebulite unless you have a common Tier 3 bottom lying about.



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