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  1. Default MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    This is the intro to another Maple console game exclusive to Japan (or Korea) that is only on the 3DS.

    Brought to you by Spadow.

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    Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    DrK/IL hybrid? lol
    Cool video I guess.

  3. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    Even tho this is a new game rather than a new class, I still believe they will make it in the main game too, we might have a 7th resistance after that.

  4. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    The text next to the maple leaf in the first 10 seconds of the video is Korean, so I'd say it's being released there.

  5. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    Of course, I will never be able to play this if they don't localized it thanks to Nintendo putting region lock on the 3ds.
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    Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    liked the song.... its really different with the ds one :) both are good... cant decide which one is better

  7. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    Credit to spadow aswell

    One thing that's always bothered me about MS is how one of the most outdated things in the game is probably the most important one, character sprites. It's come to annoy me a lot that most animations are just layered over the pixels of the char, while the character itself does nearly nothing. Watching this video and those changes put in exact same enviroments as the ones in game makes me realize how much it would change things. it might or might not be a lot of work to do, having to change sprites for every skill and every equipment but this alone could be released a summer/winter update and I'm sure most would be still satisfied.

    PS: it also proves running is a viable alternative to fash jump as a mobility skill. I don't get why the pineapple Nexon is so stuck into giving FJ to every job, even warriors when this makes more sense.

  8. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    Theres a hilarious trend going on in these sorts of games with Nexon putting BGMs in the wrong places.

    Aqua Road music in Orbis. wat

  9. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    More mobility = more people pleased and easier class design. It's so easy to design a class if you don't have to worry about actually balancing it, just give it a bunch of rushes, flash jumps, vertical jumps and huge AOE ultimates. Nexon can't even get running right anyways, the only real running spell in the game (dash) functions pretty badly in that it really has no "dash". In Dragonica (or Dragon Saga) or Dragons Nest the dash mechanics work really well. In MapleStory if you try to use "Dash" to actually dash you literally just lose your speed boost.

  10. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    I am not discussing the reasons to add mobility skills to the game, I just cannot understand why they refuse to develop different ways to to grant said mobility to each class. Running is the most simple one and it would work good as long as the running speed is the right one. I believe the only reason why they haven't pushed into developing this ability is because it would require to make running sprites, which leads again to the first point in my post.

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    Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    there are probably a few minor reasons why dashing didnt happen much, one is that Pirates Dash and Dual Blades Dash Side effect on Tornado Spin weren't very effective. grounded characters are also influenced by the friction on the ground making sudden boosts a bit harder(similar to difference between using mechanic/aran boost on ice vs ground). Other is that dash, unless at the same speed as like a rush skill is not an effective short second boost tactic when bossing, where windows to dodge are in the matter or 1-2 seconds, making it viable to only training(depends on map) and traveling(which almost got minimized heavily due to getting to nearly any town quickly using the momojika method)

  12. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    Running would be what would turn out if Nexon decided to dedicate some effort on improving dashing, but I guess since the FJ forumla already exist and is proven effective, why should they care to do something else? even if It'd help diversify all jobs.

  13. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    I was just thinking exactly the same thing. Region locking sucks.

    With a gameplay video I'm even more interested...but I dunno...something about that main character sprite throws me off. I like her animations and everything but her standing still seems too...bulky to me. I dunno, maybe it's just me.

    Still looks even better than MSDS...too bad we'll never get it and I can't import it like I did for MSDS.

  14. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    Well... it can be ending into a new brand job... or maybe a new brand race?

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    Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    Dash for pirate is, for all intensive purposes, running without the use of a different animation. It's also painfully slow and replaced by Recoil Shot in 2nd job for Corsairs (sorry Buccs :c). Unless running was far quicker than Dash there wouldn't really be much incentive to use it.

  16. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    The shame when the combat system of your handheld port is way better than your worldwide famous MMORPG.

  17. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    6th Cygnus Knight more like it.

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    Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    She's just a Battle Mage with a Dark Knight summon. I don't think this will be a new class.

  19. Default Re: MapleStory: Girl of Destiny

    MSDS's was way better too...

    Overall they should have made MS2 a long time ago to improve the engine and what not.



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