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  1. Default Where should I start?

    I've been playing KMS for the past few years and I decided it's about time I come back and see how GMS is going.

    I have access to infinite funding (not to brag, being realistic). I'm looking for a world that fits these criteria:

    1) Not too full so that I can never get into Empress unless it's 4 in the morning, I experienced enough of that in KMS.
    2) Same as above, but for 2x
    3) Active guilds with strong people that ill be able to boss run with
    4) Access to good equips at a fair price. (I've been paying 400+ dollars for Tyrant equips in KMS, no more of that please)

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Where should I start?

    Just look at this catalogue:
    You have @KhainiWest; @Razmos; @Takebacker; @CrazyForDex; myself and many many others.
    What could be better than Mapling with all your favorite southperrians?
    Edit: Also Khaini may meet all your requirements.

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    Default Re: Where should I start?

    I second Khaini. The people here are sexy and kind, the free market is quite balanced in prices. It's just populated enough that getting into bossing runs can be quite easy, but it's also not full enough to make getting Dojo gloves difficult. it's quite balanced in a lot of respects.

    Many cool Southperrians play in Khaini, to add to the list that Chew posted, there is also aslemn, Jamesie, HeroDDC, CarrionCrow, Moonlapse.

    Khaini is the place to be!

  4. Default Re: Where should I start?

    You two are tempting me, I love having a great community to interact with!

    Though, obviously, I'm waiting to see if any other worlds are willing to represent before I set this in stone.

    If somebody could give me a rough idea of the population in Khani (I remember there being some infographic of world sizes, but I'm not quite sure where to find it), I would appreciate that very much!

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    Default Re: Where should I start?

    Well what can I say about it:
    Population is low-medium.
    You can easily get a party at pretty much everywhere (except the old pq's), and the market is pretty healthy. You can get nova gear for like 800mil ~ 1.2bil each piece.
    The "funded" people are not pricks and they are really friendly if you don't act stupid.
    About the free market spots, well you'll hardly get a spot at Fm1 but from there it's quite easy to get a spot in CH1.
    I've known people who started fresh in khaini and within a month they were fully funded with no NX invested.

  6. Default Re: Where should I start?

    How much is Tyrant, aprox?

    Also, I don't mean to offend anyone, but I was told by a friend (A staff member on SouthPerry) that hackers are a serious problem in Khani. This individual hasn't played in a while, so I'm not sure if this is 100% valid info. Any insight @Razmos and @Chew ?

  7. Default Re: Where should I start?

    I've played for a while on Broa and I like the server, pretty okay. I think you're going to have a decent amount of hackers on any server - There's certain maps/areas on Broa that have hackers on almost every channel. Such is the state of GMS.

    (( Reading this thread Khiani sounds appealing. I might have to check it out ))

  8. Default Re: Where should I start?

    Windia has a pretty good community/market.

  9. Default Re: Where should I start?

    Honestly, Bellocan-Nova would be a better fit for you.

    We are a small-big world.

    Higher level guilds are pretty active and boss quite a bit.

    And we have in my opinion the poorest FM of any world. A lot of Tyrants I see go for about 120-200 dollars. But maybe @Marksman Bryan; can give some better opinions on this.

  10. Default Re: Where should I start?

    I'm not allowed to express my opinions on guilds in BelloNova anymore.

    I haven't been to Empress in a few months, but from what I remember:
    Always packed during 2x
    Usually people there the whole day on weekends, but because of *reasons* there is no line. Getting into emp is FFA and I can usually win just by holding down Y.
    Middle of the day on weekdays is typically empty, although stack hack is still around and I know several people have 10+ mules to kill her on that went during the week.

    The only clean Tyrant's I've seen for sale have been mage for $200+ (real money only), and partially enhanced (lolscrolled) bowman Tyrants for $250-300 each. Actually I see someone selling clean bowman tyrant boots for $150.

    As for all other equips:
    Want decent % gear? Most likely better off making your own. Most of the good stuff for sale is usually expensive as crap ($300+) and typically duped leftovers.

    NX rate? 1:65 on the low end. I've seen hackers paying up to 1:80-100, though.

    We already have like 10 people here that are willing to run to the store and grab 400-500k nx on a whim if they see an item they like for sale.

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    Default Re: Where should I start?

    I suppose I'll "represent" GAZED.

    We're a low-mid population alliance. FM 1-13 usually full with a few in 18, 22 as well.
    Empress is only busy during 2x and evenings (PST) and no other boss is ever full. The Haunted House maps are busier than usual of late because of all the new classes released, but it doesn't get too crowded except during prime time hours.

    Tyrant Warrior gear is nigh impossible to get, but most other gear runs 8-10b clean and went as low as 6.5 during last marvel session. If you're willing to pay in USD, I'm sure there's far more available than I know about.
    NX is 1:50-60, but finding sellers are always difficult.

    Overall, I really like it here in GAZED. It can be difficult to find equipment sometimes, especially since I'm a BM, but when I do it's usually reasonably priced. The population is nice that you can find help if you need it, but aren't really bothered by others when you want to go solo. Other than the inevitable botter or occasional stack hacker at empress, we're relatively hacker free.

  12. Default Re: Where should I start?

    Fixed that for you. >:(

    Also I would like to mention that me, Takebacker, and CrazyForDex are all in the same guild.

  13. Default Re: Where should I start?

    Khani and bellonova both seem great in their own respects, I'm really not certain. They both seem to have fair rates, good population sizes and a lot of SP is on them.

    GAZED seems to be more hacker free, which is a serious poaitive , so I'm not really sure here.

    I'm really not sure, I'll probably have to think this through/wait for anyone else to say something.

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    Default Re: Where should I start?

    Every world has their hackers, every world has their good and bad communities, so don't base your choice on that IMO.

    Scania, the overpopulated world with too many pros where everything's cheap. That's about it though, really.

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    Default Re: Where should I start?

    I believe that a lot of worlds have problems with hackers, but I don't find that hackers ruin my gameplay experience on average (in khaini).

    Seems that in most of GMS, tyrant gear is very expensive and empress tends to be a pain to enter. I'd imagine the population size would affect how tedious it realy is though.

  16. Default Re: Where should I start?

    Hackers and exploiters are only really a problem in Khaini if you move among the self proclaimed cream of the server and care about such things. If you play for fun Khaini is decent enough.

    Also, you will never get the current so called godly stuff without shelling our real money, we have way to many exploiting twerps selling stuff only through PayPal and MoneyPak.
    On top of that we have people like two extremely active brothers who have the time to sit in FM all day manipulating the market and driving up the prices. Unless you do like them and scam the ones pulling highly wanted stuff from Marvel machine or what ever source we currently have, you will have to pay 8-10b for stuff like Tyrant equips. I guess this probably applies to all servers the size of Khaini and up.

  17. Default Re: Where should I start?

    I would suppose YMCK is what you're looking for. Our tyrants range from 6~10b (warrior being the most difficult to obtain). Plenty of Root Abyss gear floating around out there for 5~7b. Empress Isn't always busy, and the maps aren't that busy either so you'll find an empty map if you look. Our economy is pretty good too. Our FM's are filled at night, and you've got the people who run FM 1/2. Gear/Books are readily available and there are lots of Bossing guilds in YMCK.

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    Default Re: Where should I start?

    Well, not trying to defend anyone as I know they really do try to manipulate the prices, but those twin brothers they aren't that bad, they even sold me a Loveless Nibleheim for 10mil (which I blew fkin bad luck).
    But yeah, I guess this is a constant in every server.

    I have yet to play with you!

  19. Default Re: Where should I start?

    This is pretty discouraging, I was told that hackers were a MUCH smaller problem in GMS now, though it seems to be just like when I left.

    Maybe there's some exaggeration from the posters, but this is kind of a let down to hear.

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    Default Re: Where should I start?

    They are a lot smaller of a problem, but they are still a problem. Nexon has taken some steps to decrease their dominance over the market and game in the past 6 months, but there is still a long way to go. They still have yet to acknowledge some pretty big hacks that are running rampant right now



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