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  1. Default Hime Left Nexon.

    This wasn't posted here so:

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    Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    It's a shame that one of the most vocal Nexon employees is leaving. I hope they get somebody else to take her place, because the only other vocal nexon employee I know of is Girasol (who does a pretty good job on here).

  3. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Well that's one less person for the community to blame now..

  4. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Good luck to her.

    Hopefully a more competent company will hire her and give her the respect and gratitude that her services should have earned her.

  5. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Hire me Nexon, I'll do her job.

    Good for her, I hope she has a better opportunity. At least we still have Girasol.

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    Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Makes you wonder if we would see the likes of a Prose or JoeW ever again. Close enough to management, yet still able to interact with the player base.

  7. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    So if we beg and spam post that Nexon should revert NLC and CWK back to it's original intent, maybe we can get it back! :D

    Cause i have a million of those stupid taos and we can't make anything because the NPC hates us and typhons aren't alive anymore. Such a waste of content. I mean really, how hard would it have been to just leave the typhon map and the exchange quest? Then we could make Balanced furies and crimson arcglaives and stuff, hell they could have added more weapons if they wanted. -sigh-

    But alas, we shall see how these new peeps can do. They really do need a permanent online forum person (hell I'd do it for minimum wage)

  8. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Nuuuu my fairy princesssss =[

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    Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Minimum wage is not worth the abuse you'd get. People were royal jerks to her despite things not being her fault. She dealt with that for 6 years. Props to her.

    She did a lot for all of us. She'll be missed dearly and I hope she's found a nicer place to work at.

  10. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Kinda sad. Makes you think about how much pomegranate she got over the years just for being in the "front lines" whilst she could not do anything more than report things to the higher ups. I hope that nexon can find someone with the same attitude and tenacity to maintain that link between nexon and their players.

    Also, I would take the job. too bad I don't even live in the same country haha

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    Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    She got Nexon'd.
    Oh well, we still have Girasol.

  12. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    I've kept in contact with Joe through twitter/facebook; however I haven't heard from him in about a year. He was working on a Facebook strategic turned based RPG game. He's since deleted his Facebook. He updated his twitter header, and apparently he's now working at Klei, creators of Don't Starve.

  13. Default Hime Leaving Nexon.

    I would take that much for her position. Easily.

  14. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Would people really want to take that job?
    As it stands now, all that it entails is being the messenger between the community and Nexon management and taking all the criticism and frustration involved with dealing with both sides - and that any attempts to improve Nexon service through this position are generally pointless. Even with the great job that Hime has done, Nexon still has a huge amount of problems that many of us, as the community, have been complaining about for years. And you know I'm not talking about stuff like whining for more free items and giveaways...

    I guess I'm too jaded to believe that Nexon/Maplestory will improve for the better until someone who cares about the game gets into a management position or the development team.

  15. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.


    Tell us the truth, did she find a new job or is she just sick of it all.

    I also recommend you avoid her responsibilities if all possible

  16. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    It was a very good opportunity she got, and I'm happy for her as much as I'll miss her. There were no bad feelings, if that's what you're asking.

  17. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Maybe now she will reply to all the emails I sent her as she said she would.

  18. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Well at least we have you...


  19. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    No I was honestly asking for the first question, thought so

  20. Default Re: Hime Leaving Nexon.

    Wonder what it's like to work @ KFC



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