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  1. Default Five Star Enhancement Scrolls.

    Sorry I keep asking noob questions.

    Anyways, can a 5 star enhancement scroll be used after 2 stars have already been applied? Or one star?

    And can it be used on Superior equipment, or are AEE's preferred/required instead?

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    You can use X star enhancement stars at any time as long as you don't have X or more stars already. So, you can use a 5 star enhancement as long as the item only has 1, 2, 3, or 4 stars, but of course, fewer stars will be added depending on how many you already have (because the scroll only takes it up to 5, you know). You should definitely use 5 star enhancements on Superior equips, it's much better than using 5 AEEs, because of the price of Superior Shielding Wards, unless of course it takes you more than 5, then it'll be a waste.

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    1) You can. Basically, X-number of star enhancement indicates the maximum and not how many stars it adds; therefore your equip would have 5 stars and not 7 if it passes.

    2) You can use it on Superior equipment but as I'm not sure which would be more beneficial I'll let someone else answer that. I'm pretty sure the 5-star would be better though.

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    Yes to both. I used 5 Star Enhancement Scrolls on both my Cape and Shoe. Unfortunately the one on my Shoe failed though.

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    Thanks for the replies, guess I'll be scissoring my stuff to mules with five stars. lol



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